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Well, the Rolands have always been astute at business.
Oh, hell...add me to the list.
If A&S can move, I don't see why Rubinacci can't.
This is a very good post.For a lot of guys in this thread, casual means loosening up the belt after a big meal.
fuumey is pretty dogmatic, amusingly so.Anyway, I'm predisposed to view an interest in clothes to be an engaging quality. So, yes, look there and everywhere.Nevertheless, there is no evidence that an open mind produces better fits than a closed mind. In fact, several of the best dressers in both forums are, as you put it, dogmatic...sometimes almost to an idiot savant level.Most open-minded people that I know are terrible dressers.
I like the notion that a post that ends with the sentences... The current lack of inspiration does not mean a lack of possibility or the absence from reality. It is just a forum problem, specifically, a Styleforum 2012 problem. And that is? Not a lot of good posters. ...would be featured on the Front Page.
Yes, that is correct. There really is no lack of information. It's an execution issue specific to active posters right now on MC.
Not necessarily...what I think for myself and what I recommend to others is often different.I am specifically talking about this idea that pops up over and over again in the MC casual thread that the fix lies in looking at SW&D fits.
Yes, I agree with this, which is why I think that the notion of what ails MC casual is the lack of exposure to SW&D is off the mark. That doesn't explain mediocrity or failure in MC anymore than lack of exposure to coat and tie explains all the mediocrity and failure in SW&D. If you put the two sub forums and main threads back together, you would have zero improvement in how well people dress.I guess I have little confidence in the premise that people learn how to dress...
Earlier in this discussion I described SW&D as "...a minority selection...a tip of intellectualized or designer-y clothes atop a larger iceberg...of a casual world wearing cheap, floppy, slobby clothes." So, you're engaging in the sort of intellectualizing of clothes that makes a few of the discussions in SW&D interesting in a pedantic way.The burden to look new or novel is not as pressing in MC, however. It's like going to a great restaurant with classic dishes that...
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