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Alas, I turn into a pumpkin on SF at midnight tonight. I gave the windmill a good go, but it didn't work. Sleep well, you bozos.
Did you pay for Derek's trip?
You're now confusing me.So, are you agreeing that there are severe problems with the MC forum today or not?Because you seem to be saying that you are listening to both Pollyanna and Nostradamus, absorbing things like a sponge, computing trajectories, weighing options with wisdom and consultation, and after doing all that, what we have today is your best solution.Is that right?I had the distinct feeling that you thought the MC forum was just fine. If you do, of course, all...
Local chicken: the meat of future MC forum threads.
I do think that the approach to advertising and vendors on SF is a lot more honest than some other forums and a lot of high traffic blogs.The question isn't the integrity of your policies, but the fact that advertising now swamps the forum in nearly every physical crevice, and casts a pall over every thread. I mean, I read Spoo's post with as clear a mind as I could, and then I saw his sig line.Honestly, it sounds like Mickey Mouse GQ, which is odd given (1) the formation...
My "position," as you call it, is completely compatible with those three guys being happy with the MC forum.My "position," to be a reflection of reality, need only to observe that the number of such "happy" people is fewer than before, that the ranks of dissatisfied have increased, and that the number of such includes more and more people who cannot be tarred with the dismissive "old glory days" label.My question to you remains at what price to your capacity to be...
Man hands?
Might as well stick this here.
You're a special case.
Just to be clear, I didn't link it, Bhowie did.
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