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I like this.Thinner tie, perhaps wool woven and soft shirt collars?
nwt from few weeks ago. Thrifted "neo-trad", I'm sure my spare tire is not that big, bad posture and bad camera. Not thrifted:
Lovin' it. You mind if I use that line?
Love 335 if you are into driving and not too much comfort. Blast to drive.
A sewing needle, string, and lining from Joann's fabrics will set you back ten bucks. Patch it up.
Please let us know. Florsheim is good in responding these inquiries.
I thought all Florsheim shells were color8 or black. This looks shell though in front, lacks the puffy holes. What is the line eg Imperial or Royal Imperial, and the number?
And I think they went for a pittance at 500.
Back from business trip and 200 posts accumulated. Browsed quickly and saw Nataku's tax problems! I guess the good news is you made over that amount. I wonder if you should open another account and remain under the limit in two accounts. Then Brian's list. Very useful. If I remember to check back. Asking here is easier:) Digmenow's aviators. Dude, I just paid over a hundred bucks for a pair of vintage RayBan clubmasters so 70 is not a bad deal. Although I think I overpaid...
The trick to shop for the women in your life in a thrift shop is (for many) : DO NOT!!
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