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Bah. If you don't need the money, get a thicker insole or put 2 and walk around like a million bucks. Those shoes are
Yes and I am going to ignore that statement for sake of sanity. It's gorgeous but I mustn't
^^Very unsuccessful indeed!
Love it although I doubt I can pull it off.
That guy is a reseller. Buys at eBay and resells for 5+ times the price. So no closet involved. People who sold to him had some complaints that he was not nice to do business with.Infamous for recently selling a Palm Beach tweed suit over 1200 which surprised folks.
That is nice of you. Let's do not forget that the real purpose of a "real" thrift shop is to provide clothing on the cheap to people without means, and charity through money earned.
Pre- Brooks Brothers. Real peals. Nice
Why did you stop posting pics here? I am amazed at the stuff you find. Adding you to favorite sellers just to see stuff.
^This thread is rocking. Flight jacket BTW nice color coordination on that spray & towel
^^Sad, sad, sad! Because I'm 43R-L! Will resist, spent last of this month's bucks on a vintage Gillette razor and brass collar stays.
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