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Nice.Waiting to see the shoe finds. Might be interesting from there.
Hit the space key in btw.
That's good news then. You know my address for the Sulkas.:D
What!?! Lobbs! Who's size? Mexi, that ^RLPL^ is ugly as sin mate. On an unrelated note, all I found today was some Cedar shoe trees and an NWT Piatelli shirt for a trade debt.
Capitals in place. Punctuation correct. Spelling and sentence structure good. OK, then. You are not Frenchy!
Do we have Japanese readers? How is thrifting in Japan? ROADTRIP!!!
One wonders! Oh! also pure lemon flower cologne, no gimmicks.
You are teasing me! thankfully it's too hot for corduroy
He must have lost it in a PM to the mods. Shame.
heeey! He was behaving as much as he could. Not fair
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