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Think again Spoo. He has shell Aldens and chukkas. totally trad.
I did not notice you trolling maybe lurking?
Not my size :tears:
Loungelizard, when you find a jacket it pays to check the pants section to see if it is a separated suit.
Pics!!BTW trading is not impossible.
The rule of this board is pics or it didn't happen. Welcome.
Had to pass some orphans today, painful. Canali navy with surgeon's cuffs, Stuart Samuelsson gray windowpane, Zegna couture birdseye. 54-56
You can proxy for me perhaps?
It must be between Glen Morangie and Loch Lamond, Just south of Glen Garioch, and north of Macallan. About an hour drive from Glen fiddich but if you want to go from Laphroiag, you have to pass from Glen livet.
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