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Hi Frenchy good luck with the photo.
passed one exactly like that. maybe the same colors. It was 12 bucks in fancy GW so out of my thrifting range for that particular brand.
Cheaper than thrifts around here, Spoo. Good buy
Thanks for that correction, I was mistaken. Apparently they are killed by the dry cleaning and laundry/dryer according to this so still the risk is same as when you sit in the lounge of your favorite hotel bar, train, airport, airplane, taxicab etc. , when necessary precautions are taken. Never got a bedbug in 30 years of flea market/and thrifting, my first experience was in a very fancy hotel.BTW you should always be careful on what or who you bring your home so I can't...
Fleas are not natural human parasites. Sorry. Lice only human to human close contact. Sorry about that, too. It was a metaphor. Do not hug and kiss people in thrift stores, though.Bedbugs do not survive long enough without feeding on blood so while you can get it from hotel beds or sitting on a chair that was sat by a bedbuggy clothed person very near afterwards you can probably not get it from thrifted clothes. Fungi is a different story they will survive in spores....
Nicely color coordinated.
They came out excellent. Congrats.
Sad! I am sorry for you. Get ready for marital or relationship disputes, falling back in your job, or school, fleas and lice, losing smell sensitivity, lifetime of excitement, frustration, happiness, frustration, disappointment, victory dance.. start from the beginning and repeat, repeat, repeat.Clothing and other knick knacks are just a backdrop.
No need to describe. These did not get a polish. Just brush. They need heels and I believe the sole is replaced and will go for a little more. I do think they might need insoles but that is me. i have sprayed with antimicrobial so they actually can be worn. They need laces, too. A total renovation by Alden or B Nelson will do great. I will accept offers but i know how much they go at eBay (and I need to buy similar in my own size) so do be fair please. price includes...
Now I have my doubts. Frenchy would know MCP!
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