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Nice $1 ( plus 155 already at work in disaster zone) . Another week to go!
Hah ha! I dropped in to the most productive Savers here and did not fin anything but anything leather was 39.99. 3.99 for a Sawyer is, I am speechless.
Shearling off, lol.
The use of word "bottomfeeders" from someone who ask a lot of questions and seems to get pretty decent answers and help, granted along with mild hazing, is pretty disturbing. Perhaps an apology is in order.. Fuego was man enough to do that in AE thread for just blowing his top off. That Castangia is something, true that.
I am awfully happy with mine. They are exactly worth the shoe bank price and not that retail. Now 744 is a different story. I would have bought one and did not feel any redundancy except Mrs CAT begs to differ.So shells are not on sale?
Let's be clear. There is no "no polyester" rule for own fits. Fit trumps material. What you like trumps styleforum ethos. It's mainly a flippers problem, and that is only for ties and suits. I bet any flipper worth his salt here would jump on a variety of polyester stuff, Arcteryx fleece anybody?
For individual donations to hurricane relief, here is the link which accept paypal. Every dollar counts.CAREhttps://my.care.org/site/Donation2?idb=1983387684&df_id=15940&15940.donation=form1&15940_donation=form1AMERICAREShttps://secure.americares.org/site/Donation2?df_id=14040&14040.donation=form1
You got it Dan. $75. I will be a poor man at the end of this. Will have to dress up from thrift stores. First Filson gets 25 First Harris tweed cap gets 25 First Edward Green gets 25 First labelled as such Crockett Jones gets 25 First Gloverall gets 25[/S] First Schott leather jacket gets 25. First J.Press tweed gets 25. First Willis and Geiger gets 25 First Turnbull Asser anything gets 25. First Barbour jacket gets 25. First grenadine tie gets 25.
He looks and sounds like a dude. A life well lived.
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