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I see. No Long Island!
Exactly what I am considering.
Crane puts sno-seal on his 1000mile cordovans and swears by it in his thread. So if you can use that -beeswax- , why not silicone spray?
I am, perhaps, going to commit sacrilege and ask if shell can be sprayed with silicone based water repellants like we do on suede. Considering shell boots, but what is the point if I can't wear them in rain/snow?
I promised (read threatened) Spoo that we will take the ferry in spring for an excursion.
We must be in different parts of the f..ing state!
I am in the market for an automatic 60ies Omega seamaster.
loaded uncle! I have a fake Patek btw. A joke gift but works like a charm. 1st class automatic Chinese movement :-)
Want shell cordovan boots. 9 to 10 range. Just saying, u know!
Sure, truck delivery.
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