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Nowadays I recognize most flippers in my area, mostly burly man with no style, or young uns with SW and D swags. Lots of them prowling. However, I have met the most interesting flipper so far, Young, tall, black, beautiful, opposite persuasion. Gave up a Burberry trench for a smile. Sucks being older.
After an excellent dinner with friends and we have a lot to be thankful for, I would like to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah . Also a link for younger folks who may or may not need advice on basics of dressing up, from Cary Grant no les, the best dressed man of modern times IMHO, still valid for today, first posted at AAAC and stolen by me. Cheers mates. http://www.gq.com/style/wear-it-now/201304/cary-grant-on-style?currentPage=1
Hmm, you missed 2 Hermes ties. And it seems I missed a Press flannel suit.
335 xi, as it came out of factory, thrifted while 3 years old and 7000 miles.
I can't see how Wes can be beat this year.
I am nominating Nataku for thrifter of the year. A lifetime achievement award if you will. As everyone knows he is a mensch. Always helpful, knowledge of obscure stuff, has been consistently finding solid finds over the year that I have e-known him. He is a real thrifter for the love of the sport. He would have been a thrifter even he had never flipped. I have seen people come and go, flame, fight, scorn etc etc, never Nataku. Always there, always kind to the newest person...
^ Mine if it fits!
I second Rookie if the Year idea but as well as a most developed rookie award for rookies of 2012.
I think it's great SW&D fit, but what do I know, I am old! :-) SWD in my time was a faded 501, chucks, black no name tshirt, and leather/jean/canvas belt level jacket. Also a good demo of thrifting for yourself and as a sport, and not for sole purpose of flipping and not being a brand ho. Easy uses a lot of brands but he is a good example too. I realize my approval is not needed tho I approve. We are at 2 bucks. Week to go. Don't be shy, folks.
Nice $1 ( plus 155 already at work in disaster zone) . Another week to go!
New Posts  All Forums: