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1000 miles gone in 60 seconds. oh well I have the Krause anyway. ps size 11 still available
Why couldn't you return a 9E
Thriftmas gifts from local GW which normally generates zilch but still visited weekly. Not much but it's good to find stuff in a store that never has anything. The watch is working.
Westchester cordovan 9d is under 300 at shoe bank. Smart shoe if you like loafers.
Permanently removed by a tigress. Reagan was president then.
Warning : Marshall's Pantherellas may not be first quality, one of them thrashed after one use.
We are chugging through Hanukkah, Christmas is at hand, and a the new year is stone throw away. Happy festivus to all and godspeed for 2015 for lucky hunts and vicuna filled finds.
My flipper always tells me that he found either a Kiton or a Tom Ford when I was not there.
Hence they are rich You either earn more or spend less.
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