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I don't recall thrifting in Atlanta. Well, there was that one time in college..
Funny that folks here are complaining about flippers. But yes of course there is more now than there used to be.
Looking for Barbour Women size 8 US
Nice finds GMMcL. Dropped in for vets day sale. Was crazy crowded. Nothing in the store: an Oxxford suit, couple of HF Bespoke suits, and many high quality orphans, a pair of dead Aldens. Under 10 bucks but would require an hour wait to pay and none fit. Unusually low priced though.Walked straight out. Loss of time. Hopefully will lead way for new stuff.
About my perpetual search of tweed vest, it's not like I don't find vests. Just not my size. PtoP 19", sad.
I found them but little pricey:http://www.walkerslater.com/shop/mens/clothing/tweed-suit-waistcoats.htmlI may still pull the trigger, but now can't choose
Wes, I'll be bidding on your 3 piece plaid just for the vest.
I am very tired of is this a thing questions. If you are going to be a flipper, do your freaking homework. If you are buying yourself, who cares if it is a thing. This question should be reserved for only very interesting pieces.
Maybe a break is good to increase competitors. In any case I rather compete, otherwise I do not go to thrifts enough, no flipping incentive, and not a very sharp dresser. So if anyone wants to do it, I am passing my turn. EG challenge remains, of course, and I will keep the obligation.
New Posts  All Forums: