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Direct us to the definitive guide perhaps? Will get you karma
Are these things? Will Brian make me money with these? Or will one of you prevent that by sending me swag? [[SPOILER]]
Selling a barn and all, i thought you were older. maturity beyond age!
Check this out. We all like British shite. This is reddit on what's wrong about Britain: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/2nuals/nonbritish_people_of_reddit_what_about_britain_is/ Having lived there I have been laughing all morning.
I have not seen their Oxfords but they do use that sole. BTW if you find any second Beckman chukkas or boots there lemme know for proxy
Those are Red Wings. They punch a hole in the tongue of seconds. I would say Heritage collection
ALPACA! (60%) and Virgin Wool AUBERGINE OR (MAROON is closer) and grey herringbone TWEED, Made in Italy by ARMANI (Mani line). Sparingly used based on lining. Size 40 R. -However mind the sleeves- PtoP 22", Sh 20", sleeves 22.5" (2" extra inside the sleeve), and BOC is 30 $85 CONUS Last thumb reflects color best I believe.
MRS. CAT's contribution is only tolerating me
We're multigender? I did not know.
Wishful thinking! That can be one of many outerwear makers from Tibbett to Gloverall, to contracting back alley shops that I used to work at in 80ies (suits for Marks and Spencer and couple of pretty big name outfits:-)
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