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Let's speak Spoo kids!ESOTERIC! [[SPOILER]] UNOBTANIUM!Say hi to uncle Orazio [[SPOILER]] ZENYATTA MONDATTA!For your trip to Timbuktu [[SPOILER]] FRUGAL BROTHER!This one will require controlled shrinkage (ehm!) to fit me.Will consult resident textile expert.Not shown EZ corduroy, and logo classic blazers to fund todays misadventures, and an old 3/2 BB cord for my tradly self.
LOL. I am looking for alternative uses since it's nice but not fixable, big hole on the shoulder. I don't do ammo so that option is out. I guess dissect and see how it's build is an option. Shoe rag maybe. Not a gram of fat on the dog. He eats, he burns.
:-) My basement for about 5 years. wool, must be over 130 Solid navy to the level of black Bemberg lining. My dog is a 110 lb shepherd and is in no need or tolerant of clothing. He might, though, had a role in the hole. When I ask, he ignores/denies, takes the canine 5th.
Any suggestions what I do with a Napoli couture jacket with a gaping hole? Pocket square what not?
Doesn't look very city like really, hombre. Altough I would not mind being there right now.
There is only one The City! San Francisco is a city.
There is a thread for that^I did that today but I was alone and can't catch me dead with a kitty hat whatever that is. Passed lots of shite. The game is called catch and release. All I can say is not that impressed with black label RL and Ascot Chang does some nice 7 folds, I thought Brioni before turning over. Nothing interesting at the end.
Yes, and while you are on the phone check for similar makes that are built for other brands like BB or RL, sometimes they are cheaper.
Anybody get their cheap Wolverines at 9 or maybe even 8.5 and does not fit, lemme know, I will take it off your hands.
Many US shoemakers then.
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