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Pink and Hermes NWT CNC velvet number Unstructured Van Noten Velvet Skeet Church's 9 Trad Trifecta, New old stock, for tiny feet, 6.5
Thanks. Bought a wine grenadine as a New Years present to myself.
I wish you guys all the luck for Emily's recovery, beautiful family.
The same Invertere Squire has been hanging here for weeks.If you do come, let's have a beer.
Some list!
Wes, did you come to my neck of woods again?
Not good lighting but I personally liked it. I have no 3 pieces. Every one I found is always few sizes small .BTW Fit thread goes on, just the charity challenge is over. Just so there is no misunderstanding .
Fit challenge is over, 13 dollars, rounded up to an undisclosed sum is donated to hurricane. Thanks for joining posters. A pleasure.
OK Gents, I guess this is it. Contest closed in an hour. Thanks for all your contributions, I feel we did some good, you made giving fun. Unless a miracle happens in the next hour, 38 is the winner and he has the responsibility to make the next list, decide the format, and prize. Cheers !
Wow, thread is rocking. Spent three hours and returned with zilch.
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