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The Huntsman came back from the cleaners.
There was a Patagonia at Branford GW, within women's coats, if it's not gone. Those ladies are vicious.
If it's for yourself, patch it with fabric glue and thrifted scarves, Have fun with it, too. It can look great and get your creative juices flowing.If it's for flipping, too far gone but someone will pay something.
Don't know who got the jacket but glad to see Karma works. If the ps proves to be fake, I will take it off your hands.BTW I found a BBGF today at lunch break:
LOL, I refuse to check every costume jewelry jar
You and Vader! Amazing, guys! It's going on my office wall regardless. Unless, it's like 10 grand . I assumed Nippon because of the sakura. Here are the stamps:
^^ BB Golden Fleece now Made in China??? BAH!!!
Sakura itadaki arigatō gozaimasu No idea about value or age. Japanese hand painted on silk paper. Can anybody translate?
Is it worth going out to madness today?
I like this as a business model. You can return if it does not sell, no capital bound, all turns around in credit card. Kudos
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