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Keep on posting easy. I will find some goodness for you as an additional gift.
Not really, different contests. This one gets a dollar a fit. Scavenger hunt, first come, first serve, take a pic in store and post at scavenger hunt thread. Schott and Barbour gone 38 in the lead. Sorry.Charity at 9 bucks and already donated to care.org at triple I sold a pair of shoes to a generous buyer who paid directly to care. If he is reading this, thank you.Starting from 0
38r in lead, charity at 50 bucks.Donation done, we went with care.org. Thanks. I am waiting for the next
Great look easy, show them your Christmas tree. Charity $8.00
$6 and counting.
Anybody recently check what is available in shell at the shoe bank ? I decided to expand my shell quota after seeing all these non color 8 shoes you guys posting. TIA
They have been outsourcing, now owned by Japanese: http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG10033834/Mencyclopaedia-Chester-Barrie.html Portugal, and other places, probably in far east, too.
All complete thrift fits count. Until December 1st.Current $5.00. Love that jacket/pants
All right folks, lets get some full thrift fits in thrift fit thread. Dress up for charity. Also don't forget your scavenger hunt list when you are leaving the house. Every first wins a prize but we want photos in store. No badge required. Prizes go to Philippines charity. First Filson gets 25 First Harris tweed cap gets 25 First Edward Green gets 25 First labelled as such Crockett Jones gets 25 First Gloverall gets 25 First Schott leather jacket gets 25. First...
New Posts  All Forums: