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Easy to recognize me. I look like this:minus the man
Huh! Congrats. pretty sure I know where this is but not coming through. Must be during my travels around the state.Those MMMs r my size But will let you streetwear guys make offers, remember this is how Wes makes a living so do not take advantage of his good nature
Got the same true thrifted in my possession, in British tan suede and smaller size. Can you PM me how much you sold them for? Will put them in marketplace for replenishment of thrift funds.
Love vests man, can't help. Can spend my whole life in an OCBD , nice vest and corduroy pants with funky socks and an LWB. G got my PM.
Sorry Reuben, How could I forget that?
Whatever you can think, Ralph thought before you:
Good luck in your ventures Wes! You made me look at ozone chamber and odors. Swell idea. For whatever reason, I first thought you were opening a brick and mortar store
Proud Dad, My 13 yo starting a charity project through thrifting, selling and donating. His first find is an 8 button with a throat latch. Nice start.
How do you tell licensed?
You passed a Balenciaga ? Not like you, how come?
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