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Hmm, you missed 2 Hermes ties. And it seems I missed a Press flannel suit.
335 xi, as it came out of factory, thrifted while 3 years old and 7000 miles.
I can't see how Wes can be beat this year.
I am nominating Nataku for thrifter of the year. A lifetime achievement award if you will. As everyone knows he is a mensch. Always helpful, knowledge of obscure stuff, has been consistently finding solid finds over the year that I have e-known him. He is a real thrifter for the love of the sport. He would have been a thrifter even he had never flipped. I have seen people come and go, flame, fight, scorn etc etc, never Nataku. Always there, always kind to the newest person...
^ Mine if it fits!
I second Rookie if the Year idea but as well as a most developed rookie award for rookies of 2012.
I think it's great SW&D fit, but what do I know, I am old! :-) SWD in my time was a faded 501, chucks, black no name tshirt, and leather/jean/canvas belt level jacket. Also a good demo of thrifting for yourself and as a sport, and not for sole purpose of flipping and not being a brand ho. Easy uses a lot of brands but he is a good example too. I realize my approval is not needed tho I approve. We are at 2 bucks. Week to go. Don't be shy, folks.
Nice $1 ( plus 155 already at work in disaster zone) . Another week to go!
Hah ha! I dropped in to the most productive Savers here and did not fin anything but anything leather was 39.99. 3.99 for a Sawyer is, I am speechless.
Shearling off, lol.
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