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I'll take a 38 or 36 if vanity sized, thank you
Not a bad day overall which include a Su Misura, Steven Alan Canada Goose vest, a Barbour sweater and some smalls in two stops. Pics when I can. OTH I never posted these from a while back, EG for purple label:
LOL Costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier. I'm gonna go and watch the movie again now.
Soup nazi.
Dude, be a man and tell her. She might appreciate the candor.
diagono is aluminum
I would show that Tag to someone in the know. Just saying
I always check watches and in so many years it did not net me anything that is worth over 50 bucks. If you find stuff, i guess you find stuff, if you don't you don't. oh, well! You would have to shoot me to make me sell that watch, BTW!!
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