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Chester Barrie for John Weitz! Who would have thought!
Terrible thrifting day here.
This, sadly did not fit , a little small at 42, so it's going to go. But before it goes will post it. lovely, and possibly Scottish heavier tweed tailored impeccably in London by Daks for a store in Edinburgh. I thought that was interesting. [[SPOILER]]
Ebay getting into consignment business themselves. Hopefully supermarket won't kill the grocer because you know some of my best friends are consigners
I have a Medium Barbour zip in liner/vest. Want to trade with the same at XL or at the very worst L for my 46 Beaufort. Size tag is inside pocket for the vests if you are wondering where.
Um you know something written or website with pics like Nataku's field guide to vintage mountain gear, or Brian's labels.
Direct us to the definitive guide perhaps? Will get you karma
Are these things? Will Brian make me money with these? Or will one of you prevent that by sending me swag? [[SPOILER]]
Selling a barn and all, i thought you were older. maturity beyond age!
Check this out. We all like British shite. This is reddit on what's wrong about Britain: http://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/2nuals/nonbritish_people_of_reddit_what_about_britain_is/ Having lived there I have been laughing all morning.
New Posts  All Forums: