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I wish you guys all the luck for Emily's recovery, beautiful family.
The same Invertere Squire has been hanging here for weeks.If you do come, let's have a beer.
Some list!
Wes, did you come to my neck of woods again?
Not good lighting but I personally liked it. I have no 3 pieces. Every one I found is always few sizes small .BTW Fit thread goes on, just the charity challenge is over. Just so there is no misunderstanding .
Fit challenge is over, 13 dollars, rounded up to an undisclosed sum is donated to hurricane. Thanks for joining posters. A pleasure.
OK Gents, I guess this is it. Contest closed in an hour. Thanks for all your contributions, I feel we did some good, you made giving fun. Unless a miracle happens in the next hour, 38 is the winner and he has the responsibility to make the next list, decide the format, and prize. Cheers !
Wow, thread is rocking. Spent three hours and returned with zilch.
Nowadays I recognize most flippers in my area, mostly burly man with no style, or young uns with SW and D swags. Lots of them prowling. However, I have met the most interesting flipper so far, Young, tall, black, beautiful, opposite persuasion. Gave up a Burberry trench for a smile. Sucks being older.
After an excellent dinner with friends and we have a lot to be thankful for, I would like to wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah . Also a link for younger folks who may or may not need advice on basics of dressing up, from Cary Grant no les, the best dressed man of modern times IMHO, still valid for today, first posted at AAAC and stolen by me. Cheers mates. http://www.gq.com/style/wear-it-now/201304/cary-grant-on-style?currentPage=1
New Posts  All Forums: