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One of you will want this so much that you will offer me disproportionately valuable stuff to get it.
A minor god among mortals. A reincarnation of Priapus.
What size is that Canada goose, before I venture out to clean the driveway. Funny story, I have a Woolrich down vest 60/40 from couple decades ago. It's an XL and fits nice. I saw one much more recent yesterday, L. The recent L was identical in every way except it is much larger than the vintage XL. America is growing!
Unless you like sewing too much, try hemming tape
Is this the gator Spoo is looking for?
G, All you need is a ball, now.
What golfing trip? I bought that thing for the samurai. Why nobody find Yale buttons?
Recent 46 L US, Pour moi Pour mon fils Steven Alan Canada goose And for exchange
Very nice finds up there! Guys, what am I missing here, Slovakia!
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