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Nice watch. oddly the previous Chinese automatic movement they used was IMHO more accurate than the current Japanese. Expensive for me, for this watch i mean.
Essentially, that would count as a Kiton. congrats.
Fa Cri Italian alligator belly in extremely good shape. Retail around a grand. Alas size 14. before i sent for consignment, let's see if one of you would be interested. Gone
Speaking of watches, this one is couple of minutes early, but no problem since I am always late. On a vintage shell cordovan band i just secured from the Bay. Total cost under 25.
It would be, but not a community first [[SPOILER]]
A little small for my wrist but keeps good time.
Good luck Snoogz.
I would not pay Filson prices for anything, even if it's made in Moon.Just saying.
Passenger side.
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