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I buy it. Aware of the brand but never seen the script.
I don't believe we have met. Hi.Barrie did not make shoes. Yours are
Sincere apologies for throwing you off. I did not look carefully, and I thought these were Sutor Mantellassi's hand grade highest line, because of the handwriting/script. However Sutors are made in Milan and your shoes are made in Padua or for someone in Padua.There are plenty of small workshops where shoes are made in italy. Fatto a mano, of course , just means made by hand. per means for, Trivellato which means drilled starts with capital, thus it is a person. There is a...
When they are this well made, I can not argue against that notion.
Is this a serious question?Unrelated news, i found a C&J for Polo kiltie and tassel loafers, both in same shoe with broguing :-) 7.5D
Assuming you are a young person. Please invest more time reading this thread and who is the maker thread before you invest time in thrifts. Also strongly recommend exploring rest of the styleforum to develop some sense of your own style and to learn basics of menswear and how to read quality. See what prominent members are wearing and posting in both classic and streetwear forums. Otherwise I am afraid you will be blocked, heckled etc. Things get heated up pretty quickly...
Nice boots, wear it in happy days. They will go well with your new tie.
That's a drive. Whose turf?
No! If it fits nicely and you like them, they are all keepers. Enjoy them, wear them and as you find better stuff, meaning stuff you like more not x brand, then you can redonate these.
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