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Denimheads, Is this something? Not that it matters since I'm gonna rock it but made from Cone Mills cloth.
Why did u leave a Barbour! I'll double your price if it's a fit for me :-)
In this area pickers wait at all times. Your, now very much, trained eyes will browse the shoes in 2 minutes, pick the right ones in another 2. Same for ties. If the competition is at suits, they will still be coming from one end by the time you get there.
Only if its for yourself. Even then cheaper to buy from eBay, But if you insist BNelson is your man.
Always start with shoes G!! Everybody knows that :-))
+3 for antler
I like those cords. nice!
It's a little like silk, will make nice summer jacket for me unless i decide to sell it to recoup some losses lately.
In box, unused, too. Just cut my nails and work much better than my stupid Trims. Keeping them :-)
New Posts  All Forums: