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Holland and Holland tweed field coat Herbert Johnson Bond hats NWT Pendleton
Today I found this, a grail item for me, pics to follow. Sadly a little big. http://hollandandholland.com/us-store/product_single.php?i=354&r=156&t=153&o= Also 4 Herbert Johnson tweed Bond hats. These are sold at SAB in London.
I generally consign (or wear :-) my meager finds but would like to create a charity project for my son to keep him busy and hang around with me in the thrifts in his holidays. Question is if any of you guys use those three point lighting kits from amazon so that he can build his own studio so to speak. We played with home lights but did not quite get it, with an iphone albeit. I have thrifted him a nice camera so he will be better set when he starts.
Samuelsohn soft tweed sportscoat. Tagged 40. Wool with 5%cashmere. Blue on blue herringbone with brown specks. really gorgeous. ptop 22', arms 24", sh 19"
HBkshin , that is a 3/2 sack blazer.
Limited number of Alden calfs are 40% off, especially if you like loafers: http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/manufacturers.php?manufacturerid=32 These rarely go on sale.
Very nice to hear from you old pal.
Ha ha, my offer of buying a beer still stands.
The Huntsman came back from the cleaners.
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