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Scary and a dollar right there. Thx
Nice finds folks. I am living vicariously.
Pass that, crown prince of flippers, when the hell did you find those shell Indys?Thank heavens not my size
Yes.No and yes. For a beginner feel free to consider any stripe an orphan, and any pattern, and solid navy or black as an SC. After a while you will know the difference but for now this should do. Tweeds, camel hairs, pure cashmeres are generally SC.
What are you collecting exactly, so we can pick up for you. I routinely tag vintage stuff, say "nice!" And move on. That is my way of collecting.
Uhm, why didn't you do the scavenger hunt mate? I will keep my money I guess.
Frankly don't know. Hanover made shoes for Barrie boosters had them but not regular Hanovers so I guess it is possible that per specs of ordering company.
Keep on trying my brother.
This is Rancourt script. Other contract producers for US made boots are Justin brands and Weinbrenner other than AE and Alden. That's pretty much it.
Script looks like Rancourt. Good deal.
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