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See my signature. i will give good stuff for tweed vest if my size
http://www.theunintelligencer.com/us/hipster-unsure-of-how-to-feel-about-harris-tweed-condoms/or for a different flavor:
I am a 9 in MacNeils and 9E in Long Branch. What size would the Dundees fit you think? Seems same last as Long Branch but looks much different.
USA Down and LOL I don't need that Harris cap any more I guess
My record is a dime in one pocket.
I will take it off your hands, no problem
Nice recent Canali at my size which looked great on me. I really started liking this brand. Then I saw the pants, p.ssssss
I passed a green Harris longcoat for a defunct men's store your size (I think) last week because it was 48 bucks and was large for me. I will keep an eye open for blazers but also you may want to check with Tweedy Don , His prices are cheaper than thrifts around here and he usually has a stack in his barn.
let's see if I can get two. Fun regardless, hopefully people will join.
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