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I'm a fan.
I routinely pay over and around 20 for jackets on average. If lucky, half price day. Btw looking for a waxed Barbour preferably women 8 or better 10, would be men's 38-40
Polo women's. I left it.
Who would have thought! I thought he looked like my avatar.
I am amazed there is a market for fatigues. You wear them because you hqve to, and hate them the rest of your life.
The dude would not care about such artificial distinctions. This is a man who drinks White Russian
It's actually nice. Maybe the pattern is rather too simple. This is how it's done: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cowichan_knitting
Damn! Those C&js. If my size I will bid.
PtoP on those A&S would make me really motivated to find you something if fit is there.
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