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Bad advice DOC. It matters where you match after. ALSO HOW MUCH YOU KNOW IS HOW WELL YOUR PATIENTS WILL GET!!
Nice job Spoo. I can see you opening a Paul Stuart type of place in future. Or why stop there, Ralph!
Thx mate. In an unrelated news note: CHICAGO (CBS) – Burglars have hit another Louis Vuitton store in the suburbs, two months after a similar smash-and-grab at the Vuitton store in Oakbrook netted $120,000 in high-end bags and merchandise for the culprits. Northbrook Police say, just before 5 a.m. Tuesday, a group of burglars drove a stolen 2009 Toyota through the doors of Northbrook Court shopping mall, and then drove that car through part of the mall, and then...
Wes, tweed vest ?
Winter weight suit with jacket an excellent fit but pants, let's say good motivation for much needed weight loss. LINEN SHIRT PERFECT FIT Passed some good stuff that did not fit bc need to clean closets and basement a bit. Ever seen a cashmere and mink coat? Felt like vicuna maybe better.
Congrats and strongly suggest a break from thrifting addiction if you want to succeed.
Nah, it didn't happen
^^I bet! On an unrelated note I saw 2 Ercoles suits. Possibly not much resale value and big for me but tailoring was very very nice!
LOL Wes, tough to do parenting with wine.
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