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Whoever finds the EG will make the list. Congrats.
If you change your mind about availability, you know where to find me
Not for flipping, but 20 bucks for T&A shirts, and 70 bucks for Samuelsohn tweed jacket, 110 for Brioni suits are good values in my book.
Good news for GMMCL! Don't forget to drop in to Westport. Best stuff is there.
Check heels and nail patterns thread. BTW I myself in the running this time due to nature of the hunt. It's difficult to throw it off. Not that I ever found EG.
Hanover I think.For me brand new JCrew Beckmans for 19.99. My only beef is they run a little large.
For the next round, you wanted a short list, you get a short list. The first person to find an Edward Green pair gets 25 bucks for his favorite charity. No badge necessary but the pic needs to be taken in thrift store. Made by EG is fine. If my size, send it to me lol.
One shoe, one horse :-)
Uhm. That will reveal his height :-)
@Harvitz Wellington boots you mean, perhaps. Not cowboy. The closest thing Western wear would have to this would be Ropers. Incredible find BTW
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