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Nataku, you're officially a picker, now. (love that show by the way)
Indian, or wartime Harley
Pretty large coins then, 3-4 inches in diameter
What did I find?
Some of us have work to do and you guys keep on adding stuff to look at, first redline toy cars, then seventies sneakers, then freaking pyrex. Thrifting clothes for myself over 30 years but I love the hunt and sometimes I wish I never came here
How do you date pyrex?
Medium, tufted fleece lined Woolrich wool. very cool and warm. open for trade I still have a vintage Schott A2 size 42 but will only fit 40 and smaller. For trade
Lovely Woolrich sadly not my size but fell prey to nit being able to resist buying interesting stuff, hopefully will be subject of ongoing trade proceedings. Also found a Charvet tie.
Authentic vintage Dunhill tailors. I think I go through this every few years so won't explain and refer to:
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