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In box, unused, too. Just cut my nails and work much better than my stupid Trims. Keeping them :-)
Huh, agree. Last week, few hours in one day:Not shown 5 recent Brioni ties, 1 Polo Corneliani 100% flax jacket, 1 PRPL EG suede monks, and one Florsheim limited 92 OX -for myself-, 1 Paul Stuart summer suit.Then I popped some cherries:First, 24 kt lol:then: [[SPOILER]] and then !!!! [[SPOILER]] My size, too, decisions, decisions!
Nataku, i tagged this. Not down.
Harris tweed sewn for me, Camelhair duffle coat for mrs., thicker type basketweave Hermes tie for myself. Picked up BB Alden shell tassel loafers right in front of my most notorious picker. Knows I do not pick stuff not my size and was browsing quite relaxed when I grabbed them. Well I can break rules for shell and JPress. He says Hi, Greg
This one has a tag, will post to tags thread when I have time.
Uhm, who makes Dunhill blazers? Tag is sort of hand written. I have several hundred posts to catch on label thread, do not send me there pls
Didn't you have a guide to these?
Only fall and spring, can extend the season a little with a liner but not much.Don't know for office wear, I do wear it to uni. over my tweed. Same winter BTW.
Dang Spoo, I bought this because of you and it's been giving me all kinds of trouble from day 1 I had to work on it all weekend and take away from my valuable thrifting time. Hiiigh maintenance
I know exactly what you mean. BTW what are you doing with all those Gloveralls inTexas?
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