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OK boys, and any lurking girls, I need any type Barbour LIner vest, either a snap in 44 to go on a Bedale, or zip in 46 to go on a Beaufort. If you find keep me in mind. TIA
This thread is so much fun! :Edit: THANK YOU !
You mean this, in 2012?
I believe this battle was already lost. Resistance is futile.BTWKiton custom! It's something!
Warren Buffet getting his act together after destroying Dexter.
I don't know. A gf is much handier than a silly overcoat for a bevy of things.
How much is a thrifted watch? 10 bucks? It may be OK to take the risk if you like it for yourself. Flipping is another story. Having said that, never ever found any worthwhile watch in my over two decades of thrifting in a thrift store. I always try to look. It's a luck thing.
You mean a baby roach? Always possible.
LOL frankly not scared since I'm more likely to get exposed to bedbugs at work, but usual precautions should be taken.
Not much place to hide in a shoe, but that shoe is not going to come in my home. It was not on the shoe, it was stuck on one of the styrofoam beans and dead.Not sure if it is a bedbug, I am not an expert but it's an awful good simulation if it's not one. Was dead anyway.http://www.bedbugs.umn.edu/bed-bug-control-in-residences/using-freezing-temperatures-for-bedbug-control/
New Posts  All Forums: