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Great job Wes. Did you guys notice that "white and gold" dress is first posted from Outer Hebrides islands, the home of Harris tweed? Hence your problems describing the good Harris tweed when you are trying to list it BTW I passed 10 of them yesterday in unusual colors but would not fit.
Dude, That is perfect for you! @Thrift VaderGood luck in your new job.
Wonder if there is a market for labels for you capitalists! I don't want to rain on the parade of those who think they are running a big business but it's a game folks. Even for Spoo who says he makes half a mil a year in interviews. Just check his posts and see how much he enjoys it. Hurrah for the hunt
Nice finds overall.Seattle born southern picker is an interesting story. Have not seen anything for 58 cents around here including stuff that would be worth 58 cents. Nice attention to detail from that couple. Snowy day and did not feel like thrifting. i have had it with this weather. Went to Kingsmen and suits were amazing, movie was mediocre. BTW very nice of you folks handling the Chaps situation in a mature way and warmly welcome a new member.
Very excited and enthusiastically waiting for the arrival of this. My thanks to HVO
Uhm, shipping from Australia!
LOL about Hawaii. Have a classmate who taught at UofH who later moved to Ohio. I got the inside skinny from her many years ago about Honolulu. I like the place but too urban and rather kitschy. We typically fly direct to Kauai and back. My kids are in love with the place and I can't blame them.
Why y'all moving from Hawaii to crappy places? I get traumatized when I return from vacation, can't imagine moving out.
if they fit like a 10, me me.
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