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diagono is aluminum
I would show that Tag to someone in the know. Just saying
I always check watches and in so many years it did not net me anything that is worth over 50 bucks. If you find stuff, i guess you find stuff, if you don't you don't. oh, well! You would have to shoot me to make me sell that watch, BTW!!
Worth quoting as a lesson to noobs who thrift for themselves, and I hope there are still some here who gets involved in our hobby/addiction for self wardrobe improvement and not for flipping/quick bucks. Spoo has all fancy brands in his closet. Yet he does not mind to wear a Lands End -albeit a special one but still-. Fit trumps brand, style trumps name dropping. Also see EasyE fits.
Yep! I have exceedingly high hopes for Spoo as well.
Brianpore provides an excellent consignment service as well. Both Spoo and Brian provide valuable service and good guys. Nothing wrong with Jompso's logic, too, if you have the time. I am also waiting for Wes to start his consignment service with the ozone shit
Honestly Wes, you don't pass much! And it somehow works for you
For trad bro !Btw I have a medium polar quilt if you are not deadset on small
Public thanks and gratitude to my friend G for fixing me w/ insane Dunhill vests plus an unexpected Sammy SC that screams poor scholar.
^^You have a door to nowhere! Mrs Winchester and now Wes
New Posts  All Forums: