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Today worked for S&D guys, both would fit a 40 and both avl for trade. Altough they didn't fit I had to pick bc so nice.Best patina I have seen on a Schott, tagged 42 but runs small [[SPOILER]] USN peacoat, first one I have seen which is pure wool, 40 and I think it is from 1960 but correct me, like new. I gotta get down in size, that's for sure. There was also a Melton branded, older, but not in as good shape as this one and same size, passed. [[SPOILER]]
All I'm gonna say is it's sad.
C'mon a Seiko5 from Amazon and since it's going to come with shitty metal bracelet a nice Hirsch golfer suede or something in that domain strap will be under 100.
Now I have to study sw shoe/boot thread, a whole new world!
1500 euro boots that I would pass if I saw. Dang!
Good grief Troika! What is a 1923? Hey, Mr. Moo, Answer to your question is this thread happened. TMI parted freely and in public. I covered your list by the way, except the Leica I found turned out to be fake! I could not believe a fake camera exists! I am yet to find a real Hermes scarf, a Saville Row full suit that fits, well any super high quality suit that fits, and shell boots. Shell boots is the thing. Also would love to find an Omega 60ies Seamaster.
Bad advice DOC. It matters where you match after. ALSO HOW MUCH YOU KNOW IS HOW WELL YOUR PATIENTS WILL GET!!
Nice job Spoo. I can see you opening a Paul Stuart type of place in future. Or why stop there, Ralph!
Thx mate. In an unrelated news note: CHICAGO (CBS) – Burglars have hit another Louis Vuitton store in the suburbs, two months after a similar smash-and-grab at the Vuitton store in Oakbrook netted $120,000 in high-end bags and merchandise for the culprits. Northbrook Police say, just before 5 a.m. Tuesday, a group of burglars drove a stolen 2009 Toyota through the doors of Northbrook Court shopping mall, and then drove that car through part of the mall, and then...
Wes, tweed vest ?
New Posts  All Forums: