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I don't leave cufflinks per say in, but do have a bunch of the little plasti buttons that came with french cuffed shirts and tux shirts, that I put. That way I can have them prefolded and hold their shape.
I like having a free from snug feeling. Don't do no stinking undershirt. It's uncomfortable enough wearing underpants with a suit only.
A white dinner jacket ( which is generally a country club or tropical climate or cruise ship thing ) is worn with black tux pants.
Was out cruising the mall with my fiancee Saturday, and we stopped in at Macy's to peruse. I had been thinking about getting a steamer for quite awhile, so off to housewares. They had 5 different models, ended up with a Rowenta compact 1400watt, 32 oz. cap.. Had been thinking mostly about an easy way to get the wrinkles out of ties, but after it worked so good so quick, I tried it out on a suit that needed a bit of dewrinkeling. Had booko horiz. wrinkles on back of jacket...
Pajamas, what the f are they. Oh yea! they're what little kids wear to bed. Big boys sleep in the raw. Much more comfortable and you're always ready for action. But if you still have little ones around, keep a pair of boxer shorts on floor, next to bed for emergencys.
From the front view, doesn't look bad. Shoulders a bit wide, sleeve length looks right. From the side view, esp. in #2, you have some collar roll, button collar on shirt and hae a look, if you still have it, go to a good tailor.
The #8407 is the style / color # / with the last diget 7 indicating it is on the #7 last ( old #97 last ). I'm with Jack2000, in that comb, means combination heel -- half rubber / half leather
One generally doesn't have the jacket buttoned that much, mostly unbuttoned. you need to cover up the 5th button at the waist plus cummberbund or vest completes the outfit. Unless you have mother of pearl buttons and aren't using studs ( which is't really as formal looking ).
Quote: Originally Posted by stanwelks Is this a bad idea? Can alterations make it fit me in a slim silhouette style? OR is this too much to have to alter for some reason? Thanks. Is this a bad idea? YES They might be able to make it look like a Zoot suit or like you're wearing dad's suit to the school dance
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