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It's an embossed leather. In other words --the leather is treated and run thru an embossing roller ( like say stamped ).
Wearing socks with moccasins is just one short dorky step below wearing white socks with sandals. People will know you are either tourist from Iowa or they just let you out for the day, to see if you can adjust to society.
I bought a jackrt from brooks, that during the course of alterations their, had the collar roll fixed , and ended up with the same bulges on shoulders. Took it to outside tailor, I use. Took him 2 trips to fix it, he said that when they ( brooks tailor ) altered for collar roll, they didn't bring in at the shoulders evenly. To repair for collar roll, the collar is disconnected, plus the shoulders are opened out far enough to bring up back an amount to cure collar roll....
You should be taken out and stoned for posting that picture.
Skipping the waistcoat and cummerbund is a more modern look ( see: Daniel Craig {James Bond }in Casino ), as well as skipping the the studs ( although you would need to since they come in sets of 4, and 5th button is covered by waistcoat or cummerbund ). Although if I were you, I would get a tux shirt with lay down collar, a well pressed " good " dress shirt would go ( esp. if it has MOP buttons. A std. tie is wearable if in same type material as lapel on tux, though I...
Quote: Originally Posted by effers Question for those with metal stays - do they help with the natural roll of your collar or does it make it unnaturally stiff? I would imagine this to be the biggest difference? You can put a gentle curve in the metal stays. and when installed would give you any degree of roll you want, depending on how much bend you put in them.
I second what Sanquis (above ) said. And add that, that suit is down right fugly. I wish I hadn't seen this post and clicked the link. How am I now, going to eat breakfast and keep it down.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chuck_Inglish I'm 6,4" tall. In suits, I normally purchase a size 41 Long. If I were to purchase a 41 Regular, would it be TOO small?? If you want to know if a 41R would fit right ,,, Why don't you just go to a store and try one on in front of a mirror.
Very informative, thank you for your time to organize and write this article.
I suppose if I were a male model, and posing for a picture, I could have everything adjusted properly for the shoot. But having the shoulders and posture where every jacket I buy has collar roll, that needs altering, coupled with a fairly short neck, I could set the reveal just right, but once I move around a bit, it is what it is.
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