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Good fit in the shoulders, which is most important. Your right sleeve looks a bit short, or it's the way you'r standing. Most people have one arm longer than the other. a good tailor is the man to see and have him go over it for recomendations.
When I'm a leasure ( and at my age is most of the time ) it's either sandals or flip- flops and shorts. But then I live in Florida, where you can go to church in shorts and flip- flops ( no I don't ).
Just don't ever tell anyone else the story. Adopt a policy, that if you F something up, be a man and swallow it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Emrys This sort of bunching is definitely a trend I've noticed on just about every jacket I've tried on OTR. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. Is the cause of the rolls due to there being too much fabric, vertically? Or is it something else First I wouldn't have Brooks do the tailoring. I did once and had to take everything to good tailor to get fixed up. I feel you deal with semi- tailors ( or...
Quote: Originally Posted by othertravel It can be fixed; I have that problem too. Just make sure you find a good tailer. For future reference, a softer/natural shoulder is better if you have high/square shoulders. Agree, me also in the fit department. You need a good well trained tailor, one who also does bespoke suits. The sleeves and taking it in a bit is no problem. The rolls in the back can be taken care of in breaking loose the collar...
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches just took in the mail. 40% off semi-annual sale starts june 20th boys As far as the US Mail is concerned, I live in BFE ( always a week late ). Does anyone know if shoes are included in the semi- annual sale. I ordered a pair today @ the 30% off, and if included, I need to wait and pick up at store after 20th. 10% more is - well- 10% =$$
I wouldn't F around buying anything on-line, esp. if you're on a tight schedule. Go to a decent men's store. I've always found blazers cut a pinch larger than suits, but try on and find one that is right in shoulders, and take to your tailor, to tune it up. As far as button color goes, you or tailor can always get other buttons, changing them is pretty common. A good mens store will probably have others in stock.
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust An experiment - my first seersucker suit. Now that is a sign of summertime. The shirt and tie combo with the lt. tan seersucker is rather splashy, and would really wake a person up, but you pull it off well. 9.5 points -- .5 deducted for a plain withe PS, bright and fluffy to offset the shirt & tie, would complete the eye opener.
I've been buying Woodlore cedar shoe trees at Nordstrom Rack since I discovered that they sell them @ 12.90 instead of the 20 something I'd been paying. But walked in the other day and noticed they have them on sale @ $9.90 till mid month. They're the combo trees ( split ), Which I prefer. Don't think the price can be beat.
Daniel Motorca The Tailor Shop -- 8303Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, Fl. 32216 Tel. 904-642- 7780 A master tailor, for any alterations. Plus bespoke siuts, shirts, ties, braces, etc. . Has a large modern building w/ large store front, in which he displays a large stock of shirts- ties- and examples of his bespoke suits. As well as having various displays of cuff links, shoes, tie clasps, PS and any acc. a well dressed man might...
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