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Doesn't match up anywhere in my color wheel. But I'd probably wear it as a SC, with the right color pants and tie. However one large mean SOB would have to hit me and threaten more, to make me wear those pants.
The first thing, that caught my eye, was that your knot is a bit too large for the closeness of the collar lay ( angle of points from center line ). I also do a larger knot than the uneven 4 in one. i find my new like is a modified spread ( about half way between a point and a spread. I have also gotten kinda of hooked on BB non-irons. Never paid the $88 though -- wait for the sales and coupons. Roger
Read the label, it's paint thinner or also known as mineral spirts.
At light of 5' 6", I've been somewhat vertically challenged all my life. Would never buy lift shoes. I'm quite comfortable where I am. If someone else has a problem with it -- fuck-em.
Pick stitching is a bit trendy , and looks like pop on a tux, which calls for being a more traditional pc. of clothing. The picture you show of the jacket kinda looks like sh*t with the pick stitching. Belt loops on tux pants " never " , and why would one pay to have removed something that doesn't even belong there. Maybe it's some sort of new trendy tux. However you usually buy a tux to last a long time, since it's not worn very often, so I would buy a good one that is...
First off , the pics are a bit too dark ( stand against the lighter backround to give contrast ), And I would wear a light or white dress shirt when shopping for a suit, button collar ( and would also give a better pic. ), or at least when going to your tailor for fitting, and advise on alterations. A pic. with the jacket off and pants turned up inside, would give a better view of pant fit. That said -- shoulders on both seem a bit wide ( could be the cut of the jackets...
Is this the joke of the day or did you steal that jacket from a 10 year old
I hear a lot about " we're working on fixing the speed issue ", well I'm not a computer geek, but I have worked on mechanical and construction problems for almost 50 years, and one thing is basic. If you try and try, you just get in deeper in the problem. There comes a time, where it is much better and gets the desired results to undo and start over with the problem. I go to other sites where they have more adds to upload at start then here, and the speed problem is not an...
A side shot would be nice, though, you appear to have some serious collar roll. This can be fixed, as I had the same problem on all my jackets, and on all I buy. This is because jacket patterns are for the mean average built man. It is due to your build. posture, shoulders, etc.. A good tailor ( not--not the alteration person from the cleaners or mall ) can fix it. Called dropping the collar ---- they undo collar and across shoulder seams ( how far out on shoulder,...
I have had to cut way down on the amount of times I am visiting this site, due to utter frustration with the speed. Plus I'm dumping cookies at least once to twice a day, since they are comming by the bucket full. I have noticed from looking at postings, that it appears many people have laid off alot on their visits and posting. So this problem might get fixed when the bean counters see a sizeable drop in use, since hits usually relate to $.
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