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Does it matter, they're probably all made in some place like India, or some island in the Asian Pacific : by a $2.00 a day person.
blacklable: I like #1 But hey: if you haven't bought them yet. I just bought a pair of ( 3 weeks ago ) of Dockers like #1 in 9M , and they're to small . Tried to wear with 2 pair of socks for a 1/2 day and no luck streching-- can make you a "deal" . Roger
OK -new here , and here goes my first quest for other thoughts and opinions When I originally purchased my tux ( standard single button ), I also picked up a pleated wing tip shirt, silver and black studs and cufflinks, and the other accessories. Then after googleig some tux sites, I went out and picked up a pleated lay down collar tux shirt, another set of studs and cufflinks ( gold and black ), and an extra ( slightly larger ) bow tie. Being a bit OC, I figured, get...
One shoe per bag. I just bought two pair of shoes, and they came in felt ( or felt like ) bags. One shoe per bag . Since I keep them in the boxes between wearing ( with the paper between them ) The bags are somewhat redundant, although they look classy if you want to show someone your shoe collection. And would be good for traveling. But as a bonus, I could also keep marbles, and cats eyes in them ( you never know when you might run into a good game of keepers )....
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