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Quote: Originally Posted by NukeMeSlowly Aside from the potential for crippling accidents, consider your mortification if it is was discovered you were wearing them. Is that a conversation you really want to have? With anyone? I suggest the snug-tex alternative. I've bought pants before, that had the above linked material in them. Worked, but, added more heft around the waist. Roger
From what I've read , and always been told by salesman and tailors : Pleated pants -- cuffs -- add weight to pant leg to help keep pleats straight, also adds visual weight to balance upper pleated design. Plain front pants, no cuffs -- also a more youthfull appearence Their are though always exceptions -- tux pants, though pleated: no cuffs. Double breasted suits-- cuffs , whether pleated or not-- cuffs to visuallly balance heft of jacket Myself ( being vertically...
I do the patent leather tux shoes, myself. However, I feel that a pair of black plain toe or unadorned caps would work fine, if given a spit polish ( as in Holdfast's link, above ). I wouldn't wear any shoe that is so busy as to be the detracting point of interest. The tux in and of it's self should be the main focal point ( after me ofcourse ). Roger
Quote: Originally Posted by agp Hey guys, For shirt sleeve measurements, what part of the sleeve is measured when people say 34-35? Is it measured from the tip of the sleeve to the shoulder inseam, or is it from the tip of the sleeve to the top of the collar? Check this site, about half way down. Google is a wonderfull tool, all you do is type and go. http://www.mybarong2.com/size-chart-...ear-art-3.html Or: do it the easy way --...
Never heard the one about cover one's rear cheeks. However, what I have been told by sales people since I bought my first suit, back in the 60's; was with arms relaxed at sides -- you should be able to cup your hands under jacket ( touch fingers to palms ), and not move fabric , then it's the right length. Or another way is -- with arms relaxed, bottom of jacket should be at mid thumb. You could also go online to most suit manuf. and check a sizing chart. Short is most...
Looks good on you, excellent fit -- except I agree about pants being too short. As far as cuffs go - - rule is generally -- pleated / cuffs -- plain front / no cuffs. Rules although are not always followed, and I feel cuffless is more youthfull looking. And even if they are pleated, I also feel that that pattern and fabric would look a bit bulky with cuffs, unless you're over 60 and 275 lbs. ( but in which case, you would look like W C Fields in that suit ). Roger
Try Denatured Alcohol Roger
Quote: Originally Posted by willgro I have issue with the line in Shawshank Redemption where Red (in voiceover) says, "I mean, seriously, how often do you really look at a mans shoes?" with regard to Andy Dufrane's glossy shoes he snuck into his cell. Near the end. I notice people's shoes all the time and I think someone would have busted Andy, especially if the jailer was a member of this site. That isn't believable...a fault in the film. Looking to...
Maybe I've been shopping at the wrong places. The only suits I've seen where you get more than one pair of trousers are the ones sold as separates, jackets on one rack and trousers on another. And they really aren't the high- end suits. Although I suppose you could special order anothe pair, but never considered it. As Brian mentioned, you could use it as a sports jacket or change the buttons and call it a blaser. Roger
I did for a short time, getting ready for a fittness/ body building show; many years ago. But I did it the easy way, girl friend. After which I tipped her very well. There are places you can't possibly reach ( or see ), unless you're double jointed. Roger
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