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Quote: Originally Posted by soxpats John Craig in WInter Park is very nice This is the Alden store [ quote=The Millenia Mall has NM, Bloomies, LV, Hugo Boss, Burberry, etc. but all are stocked like the boondocks that we are [quote] The Allen Edmons is here [ quote = patrickBOOTH Have you noticed what people wear in Orlando? [quote] If it says anything-- you can go to the church of your choice, in shorts, pull-over, and flip...
Burn it ! Also be aware skunks like racoons, are subject to having rabies. Roger
I would go with black shoes on the dk. navy suit. To me, the chestnut shoes would work well with either med. or lt. gray. You might also tone the dk. navy suit down with a good choice of shirt and tie, to being out the blue. Roger
From what I can see in the pic., the glued on bottom sole is comming unbonded. Had that happen to a pair of slip-ons this past year. Took them to a shoe repair shop. They removed it -- removed old glue on both -- sanded lightly to get good bond -- reglued -- touched up around lightly with sander -- applied edge coloring. About $8 -- I wouldn't F with it myself. Roger
Well there are several BB's and JAB's and factory stores for Florsheim -- Allen Edmonds -- Alden. As well s several large Malls from std. to upper stores. You can find just about any rest. in any price range you want, on that note , Winter Park ( wnw area of O town ) has some very nice ones. Home of the Magic ( yawn ) -- Home of Disney World ( everywhere ). Hour drive to the cape ( rocket stuff, shuttle , etc. ). Are you looking for something specific.-- We also have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Captain Winky Save it, you never know when you might end up an extra on Boardwalk Empire. Or a remake of the Dick Tracy movie.
7 to 8" is about right. In my case I allow about mid to upper of my joint. In a regular shirt, I generally wear a 15 1/2 or med.. To button the collar though,I need a 16. Though at 5-6 this makes the shirt too long, too much material to stuff around with, when I go to the can. So I just automaticly take a new dress shirt to my local tailor to get them shortened, so I don't have a yard of fabric to mess around with when I need to wip out and stuff back in my johnson....
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero I think Kuro meant if the toe cap "flaw" is only cosmetic. It looks like cracked dried out leather. But if the surface is smooth, then it's purely cosmetic. Some AE seconds have uneven toe caps, the worst of the bunch imo It looked cosmetic to me, just the way the leather turned out when tanned. Roger
OK! which word didn't you understand -- AE or seconds. Why do you think they call them seconds. A few coats of the same colored wax over a period of time should fill it in fairly good. I would put a good liberal coat on that area -- give it 20-30 min. to haze over good --then wipe / brush / and buff. Repeat evey couple days, for a few coats. Doesn't do any good to do it several times on same day, as the solvent in the wax will loosen up the previous coat. It would also...
Her's the web page with all the numbers and addresses you need http://www.florsheim.com/shop/contactUs.html Also at bottom of page is link to a " online talk to us " Rogr
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