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No not that bow tie. Although black is the norm, there are other options, colors , but the cumcummerbund and tie should deffinitely match. For my wedding last year, the wedding colors were blue and ivory, and my to be, had gotten an ivory wedding dress. So I considered a dk. blue cummerbund and tie. We went out one day and I found a matching cummerbund and tie in 3 shades of dk. blue and black , in a wispy streaks pattern. Just want to carefull and not to look like your...
I have to some extent the same problem. Although not to bad in the Strands or 5th Aves. ,I have ( #5 last ). But much like OPs on a pair of Mayfairs ( also #5 ) I recently bought. It's due to mainly to foot spread when I put weight on them and flat feet and fallen arches. Which is a common Florida thing, since we live more than1/2 our life in flip-flops and sandals. I've tried inserts -- NFG. Although it does deminish as I wear them for a while during the day.
After reading your post, I couldn't help but wondering about the alterations. How could they do the alterations, for the best fit, without you going in for the fit and marking. I understand they could have your measurements on hand, but no matter how carefully the factory makes suits, there can be slight deviations from one to another even of the same pattern.
Smile sometimeWe just checked with the vet, and the goat is not pregnant. Now give us a big relief smile.
I've accumulated 5 tux shirts -- 1 BB GF -- 1 bespoke and 3 other brands ,, they all take 4 studs. The fellow in the pic. above is possing, his shirt is tucked in tighter than dick's hat band, and I guarantee you if he moves at all, the 4th will poke out. Posssing is possing, you see it every day in WAYWN and other posts-- looks good, the way the tie puffs out , everything is tight,etc, but it's not moving around. During an average day --my tie will move, loosen -- shirt...
One thing you might be aware of and be sure and check when buying a vintage cufflink and stud set is to count the number of studs. a set of studs used to be 3 ( as in for wearing a low cut vest ), now with a cumberbund, 4 are needed. Unless ofcourse you're wearing a fly front like DC in the pg. 1 pic.
Reminds me of the rental bowling shoes from back in the 60's, only with different soles
Somebody please give this poor boy a meal
Just got off the phone with the BB I go to in Jacksonville, with the straight skinny. The spec. order event ( thru Nov. 3 ) is 20% for everyone. The perfered customer event ( thru Nov. 4 ) is 25% for BB card holders or 15% for non card holders, although if you apply and get the card while there, you get the 25% . Corporate membership is same as non card holders , unless you have corporate BB credit card, which is same as BB credit card discount.
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