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I am one whom, doesn't mind spending whatever on myself ( I know I deserve it ), however I expect to receive what I pay for. I'd send them back with a nasty note and a follow up call, raising hell. and I would certainly call the president of Alden, and also raise hell along w/ an e-mail w/ the pics. ( I always believe in making complaints, starting at the top, and skip the small change at the lower ladder positions.
I can't give any info you are loking for, but I did hit the link, and if they fit good, you got a rightous deal.
# 1 -- a color you like -- a patten and style that would last for years to come #2 -- would be adaptable to more differnt pant colors --ie: a navy blazer w/ grey, tan, white, cream, etc. and even jeans #3 -- could be dressy ( point or spread collar / tie / ps ) -- or dressed down ( button down collar, tie or not ) -- or very casual ( jeans, kacki's, penny loafers or dock siders , etc.)
My opinion would be mute, since I think the tie is fugly. Like the shirt though.
Go into any decent mens store and they will measure you for sleeve length. It's from center of back ( between shoulders ) to wrist, or something like that. Been a long time since I've had it measured, since I no longer swing from trees, which streached my arms. As for the jacket, I have mine adjusted at the tailors, to where if you spread out your hand, to where the end of the bone comming from thumb joins at the wrist. This give me a good proper revel of the shirt...
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR I have had my tailor open the seams on each side and take it in that way. Only downside is that its a bit more expensive compared to darts. Yeah its a good idea to wear your pants... I second that 1000% --- this is what I have done. When I see a shirt thats been darted, I think it looks cheap and like it was alterations done by a butcher. Guys who have the darting done, should never take off their jaacket.
To me, it looks too short, which would account for the sleeves being way too short. Is it a long, which at 6' 2", is what you need.
Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn The only "brand" outlet store I've found worth my time is the Hickey Freeman outlet in Kittery, Maine. All of their merchandise comes from their mainline stores and the mark-downs are really good. The problem, of course, is that most of their suits have a bit too much character for my purposes. Presumably, the conservative grey and blue solids sell too well to find their way to the outlet, so the place is loaded...
Go to a good tailor ( not to bee confused with the alterations shop at the strip mall or cleaners )and have him take a look at it.
Quote: Originally Posted by acridsheep Put some different colored buttons on it. Then it shifts categories. This was my inital thought when I read OP. I'm not a 3 button man, But SCs and even blazers come that way. Ofcourse it should just plain navy. Even if it has pinstrip or detail or anything it might still work out good w/ jeans for a knock around, but I wouldn't go w/ blazer buttons then.
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