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I would go with the 20 for home use and get a smaller, one sided for travel. I've got a one sided larger and one of the one-way bruches. Also would recommend getting one of those roller things w/ the roll of sticky tape on it. Easyist way to get off lint and the cat hair, you would spend half the day trying to brush off.
It's a leftover Prom Tux jacket from the 60's. Yes we wore that kind of thing in the 60's w/ the frilly front shirt. You might pick up something like that, used from a retiring member of a Labamba band.
If you get the Imperials ( $ 170 & up ), they aren't that awful bad. But not the greatest fit, and then there is that MADE IN INDIA printing inside. They are not any where near what they were years back, before they were bought out and used for their name, and quality took a nose dive.
Just noticed, Calgary, as in Canada. Do you really have summer there, what week is that.
Quote: Originally Posted by tj100 Yes and no. Wholesale is probably about 1/2 of MSRP. Instead of thinking about it as "making $500 on every pair" you should think about it as "making at most $500 on every pair". Shoes are particularly tricky for retailers, because you have to order at least one of every size, and multiples in the popular sizes. And when you get to high-end shoes, customers are more picky about having the right width as well. So for every...
It's been my experence that, when getting the longer length, that the rise and leg also seem to grow. Since I can't even buy RTW in right inseam, I've learned to go with the closest, and have shortened. At times I've gotten a much longer length, I end up with baggy crotch and pant legs.
I've been a half windsor knotter all my life. Thought I suspect the FIH is most used because it supposed to be easier and a no- brainer. And a big plus for the FIH, is that it is uneven and non-symmetrical, so that, when leaning half over on the the bar rail late at night, it looks even. Though to open a can of worms. A lot of the pictures I see on this site of guys with spread or semi- spread collars, and the FIH tie knot, not covering the collar openiing, look crappy.
Tux pants generally ( all that I've ever looked at ) come with suspender buttons installed. To wear suspenders or not is a personal choice, either is proper. I don't wear them, my tux pants are fitted snug enough around waist ( as many do ) to stay where they belong. I also think they look more for old pot bellies then a younger appearence, and wtf, you don't take a tux jacket off anyhow ( unless your smashed or doing the limbo ), so no one would ever know if you are...
UPDATE Called BB, and after talking to a couple ladies, got transfered to a products specialist, Jesica. She informed me that the subject has come up at meetings. I also mentioned that if one needs to return shoes to store to have sent off, it was a wonderfull opportunity for impulse buying, as men start breathing heavy when they walk into store. She said she would mention my call at next meeting. and get back to me. Roger
Pants look midnight blue to me -- is that belt loops I'm seeing on the pants, tux pants don't have no stinking belt loops
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