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Nobody will ever know what you spent for them but you. Look alot like a set I have in gold ( color ),that were about same $. Work for me
I would definitely go for 100% wool, for wear, breathability and wrinkle resistance. Get moderatly priced and have a good tailor tune it up.
Anybody think to look at the little tag on the shirt, that states washing instructions.
Quote: Originally Posted by stanwelks what does it mean to get the buttons covered? it is a shirt that has a fly front. Think of the fly on pants that covers the zipper, same idea on the shirt. A band of fabric that covers the buttons. It might be noted fly front tux shirts are at the upper end $$$$. And it's a style thing.
I would suppose you're refering to a tux shirt. That would be 4 studs in a set not 3 ( at least in the sets I've got ), and the bottom of the shirt is covered by the cumberbund or vest -- or just tuck the shirt in you pants, unless you're wearing hip hugers. One might also get a shirt with the buttons covered.
There is nothing that man cannot make with lesser quality, and sell at a cheaper price. And those that consider price alone are this mans lawful prey.
Tuxedo pants -- You can go either pleated or plain front, either with ofcourse no cuffs, though I think pleated is more traditional.
Quote: Originally Posted by stanwelks I'm thinking of wearing a white dinner jacket for my wedding, and I'm thinking the groomsmen will not. If I do: 1. what would I have my groomsmen wear? 2. what about the father of the bride and my dad? what if they want to wear black tuxes? How woul that look? Thanks. I think the contrast of the groom in a white dinner jacket and the other men in the wedding group in black would look fine, as it...
I not only think the walnut goes well with a navy pin stripe, but all day Sunday I had on a similar ( but 2 pc. ) suit with my walnut 5th aveues and a yellow sm. paterned tie, and my lady thought I looked super. Don't forget to get a matching belt though.
I'm with what luftvier said about the monochromatic look of a navy suit with a matching tie. I would at least go for a different shade of blue or better with some pattern in it to make it stand out. The last wedding I went to I also wore a Navy blue suit / white shirt , but went with a red tie w/ a slight pattern to it, after I read in an article that women find red on a man, sexy.
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