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A bow tie with a button down collar. Tell me it isn't so, my eyes are f'k up right.
I can think of 2 things to consider. 1 -Is it a solid or hollow core -- this makes a difference in what type of fastner you use, and if it's heavy , does the door have 3 hinges instead of 2 2- Is this her house or an apartment -- management might not like it And of course like mentioned or need to get permission -- ot on the inside ( fog, mold )
This can not go unchallenged. I wear size 34 pants -- all my belts are 36. Before I embraced the Ben & Jerry's subculture, I wore size 32 pants and all the belts were 34. Go figure. OH! OH! an epiphany ---The pants waist band, collectively = the 2". That must be it, since I recall when I lazing out at the nudist resort, I wore the same size belt as my waist measurement.
What is he going to do about the button hole. bondo ----
msulinski is correct. I bought a pair in black when BB started to carry them.
You do know that Guam, is a US territory, Right. So not an international shippment, thru foreign borders.
Looks like a real PITA to iron. Though if I were to have a shirt with similar look, it would need to be on a more casual shirt ( and deffinitly a no-iron, wrinkel free ), since I generally keep my jacket on, when wearing one.
Is this a Bill Clinton question. When I'm wearing a suit or SC slacks, its Jockey bikinis ( at 68, not a pic. worthy site ), otherwise it's commando.
if you can take a ride up I-95 towards Jacksonville, about 52 miles, it is worth it. The Tailor Shop, 3803 Southside Blvd. ( 904-642-7780 ).Take exit 341 ( Southside Blvd. just past 275 ), and go N about 4-5 miles. Daniel Mortorca is the the man , from whatever you need done to bespoke shirts, suits, ties. You'll also love just checking out his showroom.
I don't think he's going to be buying them for long. They closed a HF / HSM store in st. Augustine, and I've been told by other suit retailers they're filing to go down the tube. Check of HSM site -- they have 7 suits and 5 SCs in their online catalog. HF doesn't have much more.I am convinced that Obama has a monochromatic closet full of all the same navy suits. He had a navy suit on at all the debates and actually every time I see him on the news ( where he is suited up...
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