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Look rather cheaply made to me. I have had leather goods made with those rivets before ( utilitarian ). They have sharp ends ( the nipples ), not smooth, and I can see them pulling a pill or runner in a suit jacket or pant, when rubbing against.
Assuming the size and feel of the fit is correct ---Flat feet Badandy -- I have the same problem to varing degrees on most of my shoes. Recently bought a pair of Mayfairs that have about same gaping as yours ( my 5ths and strands { also in 5 last } aren't as bad ). Went back to the AE store and tried on another pair, same. Then tried on a pair of Kenilworths ( same shoe except for the patent leather ), same. Store manager ( who I always BS with ) was telling me, it's...
Do you mean Boadstreet
WELLLL --- didn't we get up on the wrong side of the bed today ! Could've been said in a more constructive way, don't you think.
Nice looking coat. Get it quick, before it gets to warm to wear.
Richmond44 is quite right, it's not a " come as you are afair ", this is how wedding are coordinated. You might also consider that how a wedding is orchestrated is a most important thing to the bride, which she wants to come off the right way, or there will be dues to pay.Rich -- you might check with Mens wearhouse or JS Banks to see if they are in all locations, so groomsmen can be measured and then picked everything up in SF.
Kinda reminds me of the roach kickers from back in the 60's ---
Aside from the 2- button , Polyester/ Wool/ Elastane blend, already mentioned, did anyone notice that the pants have belt loops ---BELT LOOPS on tux pants ???
DO NOT USE ACETONE OR LAQUER THINNER. It will very likely remove or dull the dye on the shoe, and leave the leather somewhat dried out. All shoe polish is either petroleum or oil ( generally mink oil ) based. Although when you apply a new coat it melts in to the old coat, it won't loosen it up enough to completely remove the darker color. To remove the polish/ wax, wipe down with paint thinner ( mineral sprits ), it will remove the wax/ polish, without damaging the shoe...
Worsted wool is a versatile compact yarn that is used in the creation of a number of different types of garments. Here is some background on the production of worsted wool, as well as some examples of how the napless fabric is used to manufacture clothing that is both durable and attractive. While many forms of wool require that the fiber undergo a spinning process, the production of worsted wool follows a slightly different path. Rather than going directly into a...
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