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It will be overcast and possibly raining in CT so I am having issues. The planned khaki blazer, white pants, blue shirt, pink tie, and searsucker ps are out the window. Was thinking grey blazer, blue shirt, dark blue or orange tie, and white ps but what pants. Any ideas or alternates? What are you all planning?
Wear cotton and linen and boat shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Wonky pics for a wonky welcome back to work morning AKA penance Where's the chesterfield coat come from? I saw one similar at ralph lauren a few months ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Plopped the hat on for the picture--no, I don't actually wear it indoors. As for why I have a dopey expression on my face or why I appear to be leaning? No idea. My pants do actually break at the same length. I really like the fabric. Who makes it?
I want to know where the tie he wears that has a different design on the knot than the blade. Anyone know what I'm talking about/where to find it?
Hey, I am thinking about buying a reversible Zegna overcoat. It is grey cashmere/wool on one side and brown polyester (for rain) on the other. I've provided a linke below: My concern is that my girlfriend thinks that reversible jackets don't fit well. Is there any validity to that claim? Thanks.
I think you shouldn't modify the tailoring of the suit other than to make it fit your body more perfectly. You shouldn't buy a Tom Ford suit and then edit the way he cuts his suits. You should choose your suit vendor based on the style of their suits and then get it tailored to fit your body. Also, I don't know who did the initial tailoring on your suit but they got the cuff buttons wrong. Tom Ford is known for having 5 working buttons on each cuff. It's kind of...
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