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Quote: Originally Posted by LSU1990 I think that pretty much describes the Oxxford A-type. I see that and I think Neopolitan. When that is done right, that is my preferred construction. Are you talking about the concave shoulder or the soft shoulder with a bit or roping? It seems like that sloped shoulder that "looks like a ski jump" is very common in neopolitan suits but I just don't know how to tell the tailor to do that. I am beginning...
Thanks, everyone, for the advice so far. I am fairly athletic and have big shoulders. I find that when I wear suits with significant shoulder padding I end up looking stocky. So I want a minimally padded or soft shoulder but I do like the way roping looks to add a bit of an upward angle at the shoulder cap. Then the shoulder ends up looking like a ski jump which in my mind is very aesthetically pleasing - haha. I was going for this look below. This jacket does have a...
Hey, I am beginning to have a summer sport coat made on Saturday and want to have a garment made with natural, soft shoulders and yet a bit of roping. Do you think a shoulder without padding but with a small amount of roping would look weird? Many thanks in advance for your help.
I know what you are talking about. I was speaking to a representative at Saks about this new fit. It's a "travel fit" or something like that and has been popular this seasons because it's like the most deconstructed version of their sport coats (alot of unlined jackets) and it is infact a slimmer fit than the Milano cut. Does anyone know what the actual name of this line is?
Thanks everyone for the feedback. I agree that the buttons seem to flop about alot. I'll get mine working.
are they kissing too?
Hi, I notcied that tuxedo sleeve buttons are more decorative and don't look like normal suit buttons. It seems weird to me to have working tuxedo sleeve buttons. Thoughts?
khayes, where are you? Mr. Ned in NYC can make you a very very decent tux for around 1k.
I saw this video on the landing page today. What are they talking about? Any guesses?
I like the horse bit styling on a lot of the Gucci loafers but, I agree Ferragamo surpasses Gucci and Prada in quality by leaps and bounds.
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