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Thanks for the feedback. Wedding is black tie optional and, though I wear tuxedos somewhat frequently, alot of our guests don't so I anticipate a large amount of lounge suits and want to do my best to make everyone feel comfortable. is what I had in mind. Perhaps you have a better suggestion for a pocket square on a white DJ?
Yes, when you said white tie I thought it implied the black tailcoat which I think is too formal. A white tie with a DJ would look weird, right? White tie should be reserved for the most formal occasions with the tailcoats?
Thanks for the input. I see cream (off-white) is the way to go. Regarding the tie: I planned to do black pants, black patent leather shoes, white covered placket shirt, black bow tie, and a black with white polka dot pocket square. Then, I would just change the jacket (with a new, all white pocket square) for the ceremony. I thought if I did white tie, I should do tails and gloves as well which seems a little too formal. Or are you suggesting a white tie with the...
Hello, I am getting married this summer and my fiance and I will be changing between the ceremony and the reception. During the ceremony she will be wearing a white dress and I will wear a white tuxedo jacket with black tuxedo pants, etc. During the reception she will be wearing a black dress and I will replace the white tuxedo jacket with a black one. My question is, should the color of the tuxedo jacket during the ceremony match her dress exactly so as not to clash? ...
I know Ralph Lauren makes one. It is probably around 1K. Again, please define your budget.
Just moved to Greenwich and... I just had a brand new pair of trousers (that, unfortunately, I spilled grease on during the first wear) cleaned at Mabs cleaners just off Greenwich Ave and they successfully removed the stain but shrunk my pants significantly. I was surprised because Mabs was recommended by Richard's department store. Does anyone here live in Greenwich, CT/Fairfield County and can you recommend a dry cleaner?
It is a great hotel/restaurant - one of my favorites in The City. I will have to check out the new station. Thanks for the tip.
All, Not sure if many of you shop at Mr. Porter. I know we've had a few threads on here before about sales, etc. They recently curated a special sale on Italian designers like Etro and Brioni but the only sizes they sold were 38, 40, 42, 44. I am a 41 long and this does not work for me. So I have two points: -Is anyone else an L or an odd size and do you get upset that those options are generally not offered as much online. Any specific sites you've found...
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Not a good shot to assess fit (sat at the desk) but I was trying to pair up this vintage Southwick jacket I picked up yesterday: This is an amazing jacket. I am currently looking for one just like it.
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