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Just PMd you.
The sale about which I was notified is in their Madison Ave location. For those in SF, you can call the store and do business over the phone. I'd be glad to refer you to my guy.
All, I received an invitation in the mail to a Tom Ford 50% off sale that starts this weekend. Does anyone know if this is a private sale?
Hi, In line with what seems to be the group consensus here, I typically wear black cap toe lace ups with my suits but I've been flying more frequently lately and need a blck slip on to ease the security check point. I don't always wear suits but any suggestions on a nice black slip on shoe that could work with a suit or just slacks and a shirt? Many thanks,
All, I am in Raleigh for a wedding and my girlfriend's father needs to get his tux tailored. He actually needs the jacket taken in so it's not the easiest job and I was wondering if anyone out there had a recommendation for a tailor in Raleigh. I do not live here so don't know much of anything around here. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
So then now that you have read in more detail, do you have an answer.
Hey, see the bump on the shoulder between the part near the collar and the tip of the shoulder? I get a divot there in the middle of each shoulder as well. Does anyone know what causes this?
Thanks for your help!
Hi, I am getting married in a month and purchased my tuxedo last week and also a new bat wing bow tie. The tuxedo is black with peak lapels and my shirt is a bib front with a spread collar. I am unaware of any rules around bow tie types (regarding bat wing versus butterfly) for specific tuxedo and shirt styles and was wondering if you all had any points about which I should be aware. Thoughts? Thanks for your help!
I have searched through this forum and online and can't seem to come up with a consistent answer to the following question: Is there a Luigi Borrelli store in NYC and if so where is it? I want to buy a tuxedo shirt but don't want to risk the fit online or buy the billowy model sold at NM. Any suggestions are welcome. I live in the NY area.
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