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Mirin the traps
You'd probably look real shredded after a cut. I am gonna be jelly
[[SPOILER]] In the process of cutting. Starting at around 230 lbs @ 6'2" prob 20%+ body fat. Also, taking time to start my tracking my macros.My lifts for the big 3:Bench- 295 lbs (Not my max, which is 325 lbs atm)Squat- 295 lbsDeadlift- 385 lbsHowever, I do not squat or deadlift at high volume or much frequency anymore, due to the lack of motivation and being tall. The program I am running is IASBR
My gf just told me my arms are getting too big.. sad feels today/ But I told her i need to get them big and joocy as fak so when I cut they dont shrink to the size of string beans. She also calls me her big boy so i dont understand
if she is a professional runner, then yes. Any other answer, then no.
What to do RHET.. I have been doing IASPR for awhile and am in need of getting into a new routine. Still looking at more strength based routines, but with a bodybuilding split added? Also, I am do IIFYM soon and am going to cut. My stats right now is sitting at 226 lbs bw but fluctuate from that to about 230 lbs and this at 6'2". But I am probably at 15-20% bf but probably 20%+. I still look lean but I want dem facial aesthetics back as I hold alot of fat in my face and...
^^^ please... stay safe.I was able to get up 325lbs on the bench a few weeks but did a deload. Felt good brahs. But sadly no deads in a month and squat is shit due to long legs.
Fuck finally took a proper week off from the gym to rest. Heavy benching is killing my body... well that and everything else. But I have an urge to keep on going to the gym though damnit. Not gonna be as aesthetic as I normally am for the holiday crew checking in
I like the gym atmosphere of your gym, virus. But diamond plate steel floors? Looks like a recipe for disaster.
All homo, please.I hate bulking and feeling like a fat fuck when I'm not. But I am at 225 lbs now and doing 3x3 295 lbs bench press, comfortably. I decided to just do a lower comfortable weight with squats and deads from now on.... I was getting a blocky midsection trying to going up in weight with the two. But I am at 385lbs deadlift and 315 lb squat. So, I kind of made it out of the bench press as much as I squat situation.
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