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Apologies for the angle, makes the jacket look short and the hips a bit wider than they are in real life. Question everyone, this jacket is garment dyed linen. I, being somewhat naive as it is my first such jacket, noticed some bleeding onto the shirt today. Should I get the jacket dry cleaned to "squeeze out" the excess dye? Thanks in advance.
Happy Humpday everyone. Very dreary day in Michigan, so the linen felt a little out of place. Apologies for the lighting and angle. Brown AE Strands on the bottom. Have a great day everyone! [[SPOILER]]
Happy monday everyone. Never been too happy with this suit's shoulders but epaulet makes a fine product. I think a went up a size too big in the chest/shoulders but such is life . Enjoy your Monday everyone!
Quick question gentlemen. Has anyone seen a Polo II model suit with a N in the model number? I know the difference between the J and B models (J was newer and slimmer if I recall). How about N? Here is the tag for reference.
Well, pot, met kettle haha. Just kidding. In all seriousness I give you kudos for wearing the double-breasted jackets at 26. The only thing stopping me is the potential "crossing the line" that it may incur at work. I feel like I teeter on that edge as is sometimes . EFV I love that suit. Your suits and jackets always fit so impeccably. Kudos!
@Betelgeuse I wish I was old enough to pull of a double breasted as well as you do here..Really would love a bright navy one for this summer. Amazing watch by the way, and lovely shine on those shoes. Sadly, at 28, I think it would be percieved in a negative manner. Especially in my humdrum work environment. Maybe when I hit 30?
^ ThisI wish it were a bit lower, maybe 1/2-3/4 of an inch, but, honestly it is nothing to get too much in a tizzy over, especially given the price, material, and overall styling. The stance is not as absurdly high as some other "slim" jackets I have tried. I will say their Lazio fit has a lower button stance. Furthermore, i tend to have the Havana jackets pull double duty, as casual and work wear, and they tend to fall right into that blurred line of acceptable for each....
^ here ya go Mossrocks
Happy Friday everyone. I wish I had a raw silk navy or green tie, as I think it would have been a better choice. I had a lapse in visual perception and thought the stripes on this tie were brown, not red. Not sure if it works . Great looks today so far gentleman. Especially NickPollica and Upr! FYI-The jacket is Suit Supply. After visiting their store in Chicago on vacation, I was highly impressed by the customer service and the product.Shoes and details [[SPOILER]]
Happy Thursday everyone. Thanks for all the thumbs from yesterday. Much more casual today. Everything is cotton, minus the chukkas of course. On Thursday I work in a department that is much more laid back so I try to mold myself to the environment. Have a great day folks!Details [[SPOILER]]
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