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I feel like I am dominating this thread w/o much inspiring things. So. Sorry about that! First time layering a vest...wore burgundy AE wingtips. Untitled by
Thanks gentlemen! It is a jcrew donegal sweater. I know not the best quality but for my budget and stage of life I think they great. This is this years model which isn't as soft of a wool blend as last year but the flecks of color are more pronounced and the fit is slimmer through the body. It is on sale right now in some sizes (medium, large I think).
Cold day so donegal sweater. Cords are chocolate brown if unclearDetail and outerwear [[SPOILER]]
Measurements please
Happy Sunday everyone (yea, I had to stand on a chair >_>;
Happy friday everyone. I found out I was matched to my number 1 choice for clinical psychology internship. I am very happy! So I wore my favorite color..purple!
Bit casual but since I am wearing a tie....
This made my day. You must have been in the the liberal arts area as the majority of professors at MSU dress like casual friday in Office Space. Nevertheless, I am glad you did not get mugged!Speaking of collegiate, I wanted to play the part of junior professor while I read for my dissertation at the campus library. Haven't worn my cord jacket nearly enough this year. And yeah, a darker grey would have likely been better for more contrast.
I never really wear crewnecks with a sportcoat, that was purely impulsive haha. I prefer cardigans or vnecks though and I agree. I gave up trying to get a good picture today. This was the best I could do. Cardigan is dark brown
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