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I just added the listing. Please check it out. I will be closing this one in a few hours. The brown plaid sportcoat was sold out, but I found another main line canali a brown tic weave in linen/wool/silk.
$225>$215>$205 (NO SELLING AT COST + SHIPPING!) shipped in the CONUS w/ priority shipping. I am only charging a small proxy fee so the price is firm.. (I apologize for those from my IC thread, the brown plaid canali was sold out!) Beautiful very light weight and lightly constructed brown tic weave sportcoat. Canali mainline. Made in Italy. Lined only in the shoulders and sleeves. Extremely light weight fabric, very breathable and perfect for summer. Would look great...
Waist measurements for the 50 please? (i.e. across the top button)
Wow, that JPRess is wonderful. I am not sure if this is your size, but do you have a fit pic of it so we can see how it is shaped?
I am not that much older than you I am guessing, so I can relate to your issue of wanting to dress nicely and not having much experience to utilize I would suggest you go for a solid worsted or flannel and maybe leave the pinstripe at home. I think a young professional in a business setting could wear this, and, in my career (psychologist), I have a bit of leeway as most of my colleagues wear the shirt and tie thing, but a student wearing this to a presentation may be a...
A milano suit for 400 is a good deal I think. sure, you can get full canvas suits for that much but good luck finding ones that will fit you in a decent fabric for that low. I got a winter weight milano in a brown windowpane, I love it!
NY^ beautiful overcoat and great fabrics. Are those spring/summer fabrics for sportcoats? or you gonna go full baller and get the full glen plaid suit? Either way, deets please on your trousers from today, they are beautiful.
It would be sizing up, but, based on a few of the 42s on B & S right now, the shoulder measurement appears to be the same (18.5 to be exact). I was jw if I needed more room in the chest as it is just barely enough room without bowing out. Then again, going from a 21 p2p to 22 p2p may be too much chest. Either way, wish I could try on a 42 bradford but our RL store in MI is terrible and only has the polo I and II cuts mostly.
@ ourman here ya go!
New suit today but was a bit difficult to photograph. Adjusted the exposure a bit so you guys could comment on the fit. Courtesy of our own B&S forum, polo bradford cut. Color is standard navy pinstripe. I think in the future I am going to get 42rs in this cut. Let me know what you all think. Thanks in advance guys.back shot and more natural lighting shot in spoiler [[SPOILER]]
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