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here ya go!
thanks but I think it is far from it! it is actually a completely unpadded shoulder but could be about .25-.5 inches wider. the jacket is also a bit short, got it off ebay and the seller did not measure correctly, of course no returns (my mistake on that). Thank you though, I appreciate it.-Adam
Did everyone get the memo for pink shirts today? Keeping it simple...long day of work, school ...Jacket is a bit short but covers my bum [[SPOILER]]
I actually second this and also say add in sportcoats. You can add alot of color and variety with sportcoats. I have enjoyed dressing alot more after I added them to my wardrobe. Also, you can find some amazing jackets from quality makers for great prices
Happy monday everyone. Grats to Giants fans! Seems me and Acrid had some synchronicity today in terms of jackets.... [[SPOILER]]
thanks for this. I noticed this as well, I thought it was just the shoulder size, then I just tried my jacket on again and notice the rolls. I had this on another polo jacket and they fixed it fine for me. Will take it to my tailor this week,. Thanks for pointing it out. The pants, imo, fit me the best of any suit trousers I have and they drape very nicely with only the slightest break.
I left feedback on your comment but I def. got it for its "mix and match" versatility. Honestly, the fact it is a suit was an added bonus. I actually was going to use a striped shirt today so maybe I will try that next time with a complimentary color tie in a solid.
New suit today. Would like your guys feedback on this one. I have the waist "curved" at ralph lauren, otherwise untouched, just pants hemmed. Not sure how to pair this without succumbing to the low hanging fruit of a purple tie. Would love feedback on fit also, considering Vox's great points over the last few days. Right away I can tell you my concern that this is a polo I cut and the shoulders are a bit big, but, ce la vie, I really loved the suit otherwise. Again...
Great point, I wanted some pattern in the tie because the vneck was just a blob of color. I should have just used a solid knit. I had these same concerns but it looked ok from a distance so I just ran with it . Thanks for the feedback!
Happy friday everyone. I don't understand this angle thing on the self timer yet. used a crappy picture to show fit a bit better from a front on angle. Also, shoulder does not ripple standing normally. Flash exaggerates colors close.2012-02-03-10.34.20 by citan1145, on Flickr2012-02-03-10.42.42 by citan1145, on Flickr [[SPOILER]]
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