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Just call a store or go to one and ask them to order it for you. The SA at Brooks Brothers are usually willing to look up items for you.
Wow we do have a similar jacket. My gut tells me you could but I dunno, re: the tie
Thanks for the suggestions guys. NORE, what cords are you referring to? Are they Preston fit? I have never seen PRL cords on ebay that were unhemmed. If you have a link, that would make my day. A new me, NP sir. I was a little leary of the coat because it seems so busy but it seems that is how Harris works. Either way, it is a very unique fabric.
^ They look great Spoo, as does the pocket square. How do people feel about this sportcoat from Rugby? http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?productId=11842944&categoryId=11827696&cp=3768060 Seems pretty unique, in terms of pattern and color. Thoughts?
This is what I thought. Are they at best half-canvassed (i.e. canvassed lapels?) What is the buttoning point like? I searched, not much comes up.However, I do remember reading an article online talking about how Rugby suits were now made in Italy, and fully canvassed, with an appropriate increase in price? Am I misremembering things or does anyone else remember this? Either way, the sportcoats seem nice...and for 300 bucks, not a bad deal if they are half canvassed..just...
I have heard this many times. How is this possible? I mean, 598 bucks for a fully canvassed suit made by Caruso, whos RLBL stuff goes for 1.5k and up retail, seems too good to be true. then again, I may be wrong...Does anyone know how these fit?
Where are you guys seeing rugby suits for about 400? Is there a special link like the RL sale someone posted earlier?
Thanks for the suggestion. Here is the rub, I am have not been able to find ANY classic slim brown cord trousers anywhere in the state of MI or even online. I would love some to go with this jacket. Also, my concern with this jacket is the gold deco that seems to run through it, is it too distracting? I like the suggestion of a navy tie. I think I will always wear this with a jumper or cardigan, however, as my office may get too hot to wear it all day but too cool to just...
Well thankfully I don't own any black pants I lurk the WAYWRN everyday and most people have such cool tweed jackets, but I do not think I have seen one with this color scheme? Thanks for the suggestion though. Are charcoal/dark grey trous. a no go as well?I do have a few large windowpane shirts. I was also thinking of sweaters. I have quite a few merino vnecks and cardigans (grey, burgundy, brown, blue, etc). Thanks for the suggestion. I have a burgundy grenadine from...
Hey everyone, I recently purchased my first harris tweed sportcoat. I played it a bit safe and ordered one I knew would fit me, this BB fitz http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=678&Product_Id=1562273&Parent_Id=217&default_color=OLIVE&sort_by=§ioncolor=§ionsize=The question is, how can i wear it? What color ties? Shirts? Pants? Is the pattern versatile? Attractive? I am new to tweed so I need some advice. I am including...
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