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^ suit looks lovely CP.Under the weather..bundled up appropriatelyRobo pose and details [[SPOILER]]
people hate what they don't understand
I think you can. Though, I wonder in Cali how often you would wear it?
I meant that in the best way possible
Thanks! This is a 40 and I used to be a 38, guess I just have to get used to having the same room in the chest i used to have in my 38s in a bigger size.
Oh boy. What a crap day. I got this jacket super cheap but I am not so sure on the fit. It feels at the same time too big and too tight (chest/shoulders big; waist tight) so I am not sure how to butcher the jacket. Anyway, everyone looks pretty great today. Have a good start to the week all.Details and another robo pose. If needed (i.e. help with critique) I can post a back shot. [[SPOILER]]
Hell yes it is. The seam allowances wouldn't help me though! Need a 40r or a 42r even. These are great coats though for real.
^ Oh really? I will try to try on a 40r garrison, I always thought garrisons in 40r were 21 p2p. Either way, I love this suit dearly.
I found two Cantarelli sportcoats today that I wish so dearly fit me. One is a 100% wool shepherds check with tones of purple and dark brown/grey and another is a 100% linen tan glen plaid with a pink overcheck. Both are very slim (drop 7 or 8 basically) 48/38rs I have some basic measurements and a few quick pictures. I am willing to proxy these for a small fee, which I will include in the price. They are not the best deals in the world but they are such beautiful fabrics...
This is my fav suit of yours from when I was lurking in the WAYWN thread. I wish this was a 40r as the chest is a bit small on me considering the garrison is slim or I would cop this is as best as could...
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