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It is this one!http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=307&Product_Id=1562273&Parent_Id=305&default_color=OLIVE&sort_by=§ioncolor=§ionsize=You can prob go to a BB store and ask them to find your size in it still, the online inventory is different than their in-store look up. Its a very nice, heavy tweed, unique pattern and a nice array of colors that are hard to capture in the photo (red, greens, blue, yellow). Full canvas too!
Yes it is. BB fitzgerald. I did not take the waist in on it as it has quite a bit of waist suppression. This years BB sportcoats (of which I have 3, ) all have pretty solid suppression already. For reference, I am 5'11'' 175 40 chest 33 waist. Thanks for the kind comments in the post UC and Achilles.
Oh my I could not get good picture today no matter what I tried but I wanted to get in the habit of posting. Apologize for the colors. Tie is a hunter green, shirt is green and blue tattersall. Pants are light grey flannel and brown cardigan. I had a hard time matching things today and I wanted a cardigan for warmth. Maybe should have went with a charcoal grey or a more colorful one? Tie was hard too..new to the world of tweed matching...Spoiler has shoes and another...
hey fellow WAYWRNers. Got this shipped to me this morning and decided to try it on before getting dressed. Was looking for guys advice on two things 1) the fit, is it worth keeping (I have not altered it at all obviously) and 2) What can I wear this with? The detail picture I included of the fabric makes the blue "pop" much more than it does in real life. It has a tan and green base. Overall, I like it, but I have never owned a houndstooth sportcoat. I want to keep the...
Sweater weather continues. Suit tomorrow! As always, i love to get feedback! Thanks for the kind comments about the SC fit. I am transitioning to "proper fit" after going through the "tight is slim" phase. Thanks for the help guys ! Spoiler has shoes.20120118_164610 by citan1145, on Flickr20120118_164919 by citan1145, on Flickr [[SPOILER]]
Back to the grind. Tie knot got a little messy at the end of the day. Pants are blue, not dark navy like they seem. Colors a bit washed out in detail pic, my apologies. Still think this SC is a bit wide in the chest/shoulders but thats the perils of RTW on a student budget, 38s too small, 39 too small in shoulders, went with the 40! Great looks all around today gents! Spoiler has 2 more fit pix, slightly diff angles?(And yes, I actually cleaned the mirror at work...
^ I was actually trying to emulate the look of some of your polo suits UC but I think you may have slightly broader shoulders than me, though the SCs you were selling this week would fit me perfectly!ty for the comments guys
Despite loving this suit I am a bit nervous it does not fit me...I know the pictures are pure crap but I didn't have any better lighting no matter what i did. For reference, I used to be a 38r but now nearly all 38rs are too tight in the chest for me. So now I get 40rs and take them in at the waist. I don't do this for everything obviously (corneliani 38r seems to fit me fine) but in polo 38r is too tight. This is a polo II flannel suit in 40r. My concern is that the chest...
FWIW i think this comment is assuming that O/O wants to look like CTP. I think both dress very well.
Unfortunately you are right but rugby sizing is odd and the small was too tight in the chest so I had to go up to a medium. It is comfortable though.
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