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The newer milanos seem to have a lower buttoning stance (see mine from this tuesday, it is by no means low, but lower than yours I think). That being said, I think you the body type to pull it off no problem. A long may help with those balance issues though. I will try one myself in the future and see if it helps at all. The length on a R is 29 from BOC, maybe a L would be 30 or 30.5?
I much prefer taking pictures outside. Indoor lighting sucks, even compared to an overcast day. The sportcoat is a pale brownish grey and the windowpane is white and brown. Pants are "british khaki" incotex and a bit darker than the pic. I picked up my new shirt from the cleaners hoping for some shirt shrinkage in the sleeves, no beuno, so have to get them tailored. FWIW my most FUsportcoat...Edit: Thanks for all the comments in the last few days gentlemen, much...
You are very right, I didn't adjust them before the picture! I agree 100%, I prefer seeing both and typically do! Thanks for the feedback guys, the nitpicky details make an outfit sometimes
Do suede boots count? OR do they have to black Chelseas:embar:?
Not feeling todays ensemble. I should have used a colored tie. Also, not sure this cardigan goes with it. Oh well, experiments are meant to fail. [[SPOILER]]
Good morning gentlemen. Wet and soggy day in the (Mitt)en today. Jacket is a bit brighter blue than it appears. [[SPOILER]]
Is the 50 still available? I am interested.
Happy tuesday gentleman. Two new things, outdoor shots (yey lighting!) and a new tie as well. Hopefully this one is a bit more well received shall we say. FWIW the tie is more golden than yellow, the sun made it a little brighter.P.s. For those asking me about adding pocketsquares. I just ordered some. However, I would love your input on what "basics" to get. I ordered a white linen and navy pindot.Have a good day gentlemen.Details and outerwear shot [[SPOILER]]
Good morning everyone. Trying out a new tie. Outside of my usual comfort zone, which is always fun! Have a great start to the week gentlemen. [[SPOILER]]
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