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New jacket in the mail today. PRL patch and flap jacket. Green houndstooth with a blue and purple deco thread, fabric looks really cool in better light. Thoughts on fit and alterations? Never worn this model from polo before. [[SPOILER]]
Feeling under the weather today, trying to be cozy...maybe a more colorful tie would have been more appropriate. pants are dark brown cords...[/URL]Detail and fun sock madness [[SPOILER]]
Trying to strike some kind of balance with the weather today. Spring like but still winter morning.also, thanks for the comments yesterday re: the suit. I think I am going to have my tailor lower the narrowest point of the jacket ala TBs suggestion and see if I can make the shoulders a bit more snug, but no major surgery.edit, added detail as pictures are fuzzy for some reason... [[SPOILER]]
Up for sale is a lovely BB fitzgerald SC that I bought new this fall from BB. Sadly, I need 40rs in most stuff now and this is a bit snug in the shoulders for me. I hope to give it a new home. It is a lovely fabric, English all-season twill. Color is a deep blue and dark blue tic weave with a crimson red windowpane, hard to see from afar however. It is half-canvassed, single vent, and has non-working button holes. Shoulders have almost no padding and are natural in form. I...
there is something about this suit that really irks me. I wondering if I should take it to be tailored or try and re-sell it here. I seems at times too big in the chest but then narrow in the sides of the chest and too wide in the shoulder but then too tight in the back. Waist needs to be let out as well, though the shirt I am wearing is billowing in the waist due to not being slimmed down..back and arms raised [[SPOILER]]
blue monday (the new order version). Thanks for all the positve comments on the last fit gentlemen. My tailor won't thank you, but my wallet will!have a good start to the week folks. [[SPOILER]]
Where would one find crockett and jones shoes for decent prices online? Also, because i highly doubt I can try them on in michigan, how does a 10.5e/11d match up in c&j shoes based upon my sizing in AEs? Thanks for any insight, new to the shoe game!
Have a good weekend folks. This one is for upr! Shout out to JDR for the new knit tie off b&s.P.S. I have not altered this coat yet, any suggestions would be nice when I take it to my tailor next week. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for all the thumbs up and comments today, I appreciate it. Quick question ( I didn't get anywhere on the quick questions thread about this). Does anyone have any experience with the "russel patch" PRL model? Just got one off ebay for a steal and I can return it but I was just wondering if anyone knows how those models fit. Thanks in advance! Have a good friday evening gents.
The newer milanos seem to have a lower buttoning stance (see mine from this tuesday, it is by no means low, but lower than yours I think). That being said, I think you the body type to pull it off no problem. A long may help with those balance issues though. I will try one myself in the future and see if it helps at all. The length on a R is 29 from BOC, maybe a L would be 30 or 30.5?
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