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Moss, I used yo have that jacket myself and it runs on the short side. I like it however, and I think it looks acceptable especially if you feel you will get value out of it. HF, do we have the same tobacco linen suit supply SC? This jacket could probably use some shaping in the chest but it was perfect for the muggy weather here today, so I didn't want to wait to get it altered Almost shirt-like Boglioli Linen-cotton jacket, paper thin. The sleeves are a ta dlong but...
Happy Monday everyone. Super muggy and hot here. went as light as possible.Detail [[SPOILER]]
Just a quick bathroom shot today. Happy Friday folks!
Denim blue, grey, and pink today. All linen or wool. Sorry for the blur on the detail here.
Angle makes the quarters much more open than they appear at eye level, sorry about that. Good looks today gentlemen. Enjoy Thursday!
Suggestions on how to pair this sportcoat would be welcome. I love the color and pattern, just have never had the inspiration on how to pair it, specifically shirt, tie, and pants. [[SPOILER]]
Very casual friday. Have a good weekend everyone! Linen, cotton, selvedge, suede, good times?
^CD it is a suit supply tie. thanks for the feedback!
Blue Wednesday, apparently, for me. Sorry for the poor lighting.Detail [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for all the suggestions thus far. I have a pair of bright navy linen cotton pants that might look good with the jacket, especially if the tie is a big brighter and bridges the two together. For reference, here is a close up of the contrast today. I agree with cream and brown as well but I have yet to find a pair of brown pants in a summer weight. Actually, pants in general are a huge problem for me I have yet to find a quality maker that fits me right. I am a 33...
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