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So we have discussed dorkiness in MC casual, the sexual allure of cashmere, and whether one can merely dislike something or strongly dislike. Well, may I present a thick as hell lambswool sweater no woman would likely want all over her and a dorky tattersall shirt? FWIW Crats outfit would work well in spring/early summer on a not so hot night. In the middle of winter one would expect darker pants. I think the footwear choice is hard w/ white jeans at night..hard to get...
Suited up for the first time in a while. Will check the back log to see what everyone else has been up to Have a good week folks!
^Jcrew 484 selvedge in raw indigo. I like the fit (I am somewhat hard to fit in jeans) but I wish they were a bit lighter. Can anyone recommend a brighter blue indigo jean in a similar fit?
Checking in, cool looks lately. TTO, only you could attempt that look, I wish there was more contrast between the shirt and pants, but I do like it. It is still freezing here in Michigan and this flannel wasn't good enough today..dunno how we feel about orange but I love it.
Up for sale is a jacket that no longer fits me . It is a Cantarelli buggy-lined (lined only in the shoulders and upper back) 60% Linen/40% wool lightweight SC in a lavender/purple windowpane on light grey fabric. The fabric is very breathable and perfect for spring/summer. It also has some heft, not a flimsy fabric by any means. The linen gives it some slubby texture but the wool gives it some softness and wrinkle-reduction. A fine blend in my opinion.I purchased this last...
Wearing my oldest sweater today. it was a pre-SF purchase but one I made when I first started updating my clothing a few years back. It is a light cotton/angora blend and works really well in these "in between" days in Michigan in the low 50s. Enjoy your weekend folks.
Just noticed me and CP are wearing nearly the same outfit (shetland sweater, ocbd ( i think ), casual pants, and a waxed cotton jacket. SF groupthink or Michigan superiority?
Happy thursday everyone. Sweater is camel if there is any uncertainty.
Brown or camel would definitely work. I really love this sportcoat despite the non-love most grey odd jackets get around here. I wish all my BB SCs fit like this.
From yesterday evening. I seem to always fall back to this color combo for this jacket haha. Enjoy your tuesday folks.
New Posts  All Forums: