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I would agree. I do have some foulard ties. I usually wear my flannels with this jacket but wanted to be a bit more relaxed with the cotton trousers today, working on a saturday and all. I do need to step up my pocket square game. I own 2, a white linen, and a purple print medallion silk square. Any suggestions on basics that work well across jacket textures and colors?BTW, I think AAS responds very well to critique and suggestion, totally agree that that was one of the...
Hah, I think that is the first time anyone has ever told me that! Thanks for the ego boost!
Measurements for the houndstooth wool brown jacket? a picture of the inside tag would also be nice!
Some light work this morning. Cheers and have a good weekend folks. (in retrospect, I should get these shortened a bit. I have no idea why ever tailor in SE Michigan has an issue with inseam length..)Oh, I got why you mentioned chest exercises, Noodles, my office has a terrible gym downstairs that I use after work for some weight lifting, I snap a picture before I change into my gym clothes. Seems obvious why you mentioned it now! [[SPOILER]]
Haha, not sure what you mean Noodles, I do work out a bit. Not a ton. I have a rather odd body shape. I am broad up top, narrow in the middle and then kind of flare out in the hips. It is very odd. I am about 180 pounds and 6'0'' for reference.Murlsquirl, you are likely right. My tailor was reluctant to let this one out as it does not pull and the camera angles I use may distort this (they tend to be placed below chest level, no tripod so I just like a coffee mug to prop...
Happy flannel friday everyone. Enjoy the weekend! (Today is my Wednesday...)More pics [[SPOILER]]
Very snowy, wet, windy day in Michigan. Green herringbone tweed suit. I wish I had gotten a long in retrospect as the jacket is a tad short. This shirt needs to be retired, sleeves shrunk too much as the jacket sleeves are actually short with my newer shirts. Sorry about that. Have a good one everyone.Details/more fit pics. [[SPOILER]]
Good looks the last few days gentlemen. Sorry I can't get fit pictures that are better than this atm but I will try to get more natural lighting for the details. Enjoy (or not )Full body (apologies, poor angles) [[SPOILER]]
Saturday evening out. New eBay purchase a purple grey and black houndstooth jacket with navy jumper. Have a good weekend folks!
Happy Friday everyone tried to get the best representation of this jacket I could. Forgive the wrinkles of the cotton trousers end of the day.Fit [[SPOILER]]
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