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Saturday evening out. New eBay purchase a purple grey and black houndstooth jacket with navy jumper. Have a good weekend folks!
Happy Friday everyone tried to get the best representation of this jacket I could. Forgive the wrinkles of the cotton trousers end of the day.Fit [[SPOILER]]
Good evening everyone such lovey fits and colors today hopefully I can contribute to a great batch today. New sportcoat I feel finally admitting I need to size up has led me to purchase coats that flatter my natural figure a bit more. Also apologies for the jeans I found a rather sizeable stain on my flannels and took them to the cleaners and didn't have another ready.Fit pictures [[SPOILER]]
Happy Friday everyone. Sorry end of the day fit, everything looks a little rumpled Polo jacket, Howard yount trous, polo shirt, vintage wool tie.0Fit [[SPOILER]]
Good morning everyone, jacket/shirt sleeve ratio is distorted by the angle, sorry about that. Crusty, this jacket may be familiar to you BBBBPoloPoloFit [[SPOILER]]
Probably my favorite sportcoat at the moment. Boglioli tweed in brown with a blue/green windowpane. I sized up in this one and I am glad I did, looks more natural than my 40 Boglioli, though I wish the shoulders were a tad narrower. Oh well! Good looks today folks! Enjoy your weekends!BoglioliBBLand's EndHoward YountFit [[SPOILER]]
Thank you sir, trust your judgment!
Good afternoon everyone, had a few days off but back to work today. This is a new jacket, I love the fabric but I am concerned my tailor let the waist out a bit too much, it was slightly flaring in the back, which is now not the case, but I am concerned it is a tad too much in the other direction. Thoughts? Tried to get the best angles I could but only so much I can do with my phones timer and placing.Jacket-BBShirt-PoloPants-Howard YountTie-Kent WangAE strands in dark...
beautiful jacket, CP deets?
From the time I began posting in this forum, I have always desired the "grey flannel suit." After much searching and selling a suit that just didn't work, I think I have found my grail. The sleeves were altered but may still be too long, my tailor has an issue with that apparently, but the shirt sleeves may have shrunk/gotten too short for my frame. Anyway, I would love advice on a pocket square to go with this and any advice on what colors to pair with this suit (probably...
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