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From yesterday, trying to rotate through all my winter items before it warms up too much!
Thanks for all the thumbs last night. This is turning into my favorite jacket fabric. Could this be worn in the spring? Any suggestions on shirt/tie/square pairings? Would appreciate it! Sorry it doesn't show up well in the picture but the shirt is glen plaid pattern subtle.-Cheers. [[SPOILER]]
Good evening everyone. It was 70 degrees in Michigan today, something I was not expecting. The flannel felt out of place. Cheers. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the mention!
Have not worn this jacket in over a year. Thinking of letting the waist and chest out a bit (gotten a bit bigger in the chest/shoulders) though I fear the shoulders are a tad narrow now. Nothing major, I still like the jacket enough to keep it. Apologies for the sleeves, the camera angle makes it look worse than it is. [[SPOILER]]
Up for sale is a beautiful, new w/o tags, never worn and never altered Boglioli sportcoat. It has a beautiful check pattern with a base of green/brown and lines of blue, dark red, navy, and dark yellow/gold. Beautiful pattern and looks like a brown olive check from a distance. It has pleated, unstructured shoulders, quarter lined, dual vents, and patch pockets. I never wore this jacket and the cut just doesn't flatter me, but, I hope it does for you! I think this would...
Doing a bit of closet cleaning. This jacket never worked for me, but, I hope it finds a good home. Up for sale is a Corneliani Brown Herringbone jacket. The color is a light brown with shades of darker brown and green it has an almost donegal like appearance from medium distance. Soft hand, medium to heavy weight with a brushed feel. It has 2 patch pockets and metal, blazer like buttons and 2 brown suede elbow patches. Looking for $175>$160>$150>$145 shipped in the CONUS...
Up for sale is a new w/o tags sportcoat I purchased a few months ago and am just admitting that it does not fit me. I only had the waist let out about .25 inches on both sides by my tailor, otherwise, I never wore it. It still has the sleeve tag on! This is the new Polo Ralph Lauren "Custom Fit" sportcoat line. I would say it fits a slim 40r or a 38r who likes some drape. Excellent condition, light flannel, beautiful pattern. Wish it fit me. Dual Vents New w/o tags Tagged...
@upr_crust that is one the most magnificent fits you have posted in all the years I have seen you in this thread. Bravo. Lovely colors and it just all fits so well together in a way only you could pull off.
Is this a BB fitzgerald SC ? I think it looks fine as is. I think you took in the waist it would look bunched.
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