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Wondering if I went a little to far in the shirt/tie/jacket pairing. I wore light grey flannels and brown Strands on the bottom so nothing too fancy there. Re: the earlier subject of the DressedWell forum, I found that I had a few pictures on that thread as well, one was a pretty ghastly photography disaster, one was a jacket that just didn't fit right but was by no means embarrassing, and the other was a blue blazer with a grey wool tie that, although uninspired, did not...
Thanks you very much! Appreciate it.Thoughts and prayers to anyone from Belgium and to our European friends in general.Relatively simple today. Grey, blue, brown.Fit [[SPOILER]]
I had no dress trousers that matched this more casual jacket so I just tossed it on with jeans and a cardigan. Not sure if it worked and I would have preferred a green tie. Oh well. Not my best but hope it isn't too egregious to the eye. Would this jacket work with brown or tan pants? Thanks.Fit [[SPOILER]]
^AAS I have always loved red, camel, and blue together. Excellent combination.
Good evening folks. I hope I don't offend with my shoulders too often. Tried to inject some color into a boring work day. I wore medium grey flannels and brown strands on the bottom. [[SPOILER]]
Pretty simple today. Have a good day folks. Beautiful tie Claghorn, excellent suit SYCSYC, beautiful jackets AAS and Roy Al, and I adore that tie Diplomatic!
It is a Caruso-made jacket, Edwin Nazario label. Sadly, I think the shoulders are a tad big but nothing too egregious. The have 0 padding as far as I can tell, but some structure if that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.
Just picked this ebay find up from the dry cleaner and took it for a spin today. Thoughts on potential alterations? It is a size bigger than I usually go but I have noticed some tightness in the chest lately in my pictures and figured sizing up wouldn't be a bad idea. [[SPOILER]]
AAS that jacket is beautiful.
Love this new jacket, aside from the slightly high buttoning point, suggestions on pairings? I just threw it over an oxford and some jeans to do some light work this morning. Have a good weekend folks. [[SPOILER]]
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