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Thanks you very much! Appreciate it.Thoughts and prayers to anyone from Belgium and to our European friends in general.Relatively simple today. Grey, blue, brown.Fit [[SPOILER]]
I had no dress trousers that matched this more casual jacket so I just tossed it on with jeans and a cardigan. Not sure if it worked and I would have preferred a green tie. Oh well. Not my best but hope it isn't too egregious to the eye. Would this jacket work with brown or tan pants? Thanks.Fit [[SPOILER]]
^AAS I have always loved red, camel, and blue together. Excellent combination.
Good evening folks. I hope I don't offend with my shoulders too often. Tried to inject some color into a boring work day. I wore medium grey flannels and brown strands on the bottom. [[SPOILER]]
Pretty simple today. Have a good day folks. Beautiful tie Claghorn, excellent suit SYCSYC, beautiful jackets AAS and Roy Al, and I adore that tie Diplomatic!
It is a Caruso-made jacket, Edwin Nazario label. Sadly, I think the shoulders are a tad big but nothing too egregious. The have 0 padding as far as I can tell, but some structure if that makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.
Just picked this ebay find up from the dry cleaner and took it for a spin today. Thoughts on potential alterations? It is a size bigger than I usually go but I have noticed some tightness in the chest lately in my pictures and figured sizing up wouldn't be a bad idea. [[SPOILER]]
AAS that jacket is beautiful.
Love this new jacket, aside from the slightly high buttoning point, suggestions on pairings? I just threw it over an oxford and some jeans to do some light work this morning. Have a good weekend folks. [[SPOILER]]
From yesterday, trying to rotate through all my winter items before it warms up too much!
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