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I went with the riskier tie choice today (others were solid brown and solid green) and not sure it worked out. I am also torn on white vs. blue shirts with this jacket. Have a good weekend folks.Fish eyed fit pic [[SPOILER]]
Morning gents. I usually wear a green or brown tie with this jacket to emphasize the green and brown checks in the jacket. Decided to emphasize the blue today but felt it was a bit too obvious. I always try to wear a solid tie with this jacket to keep it from being too busy, but maybe green and brown are just more pleasing to the eye.
My twills need a pressing. Apologies. Shirt is purple and navy tattersall.
Been a rather busy week for me, have to do a lot of catching up on the thread! Enjoy your Friday and weekends gentlemen.
Good evening gents, great looks the last few days! [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the thumbs on Wednesday, folks. In retrospect, todays fit wasn't the best choice. I should have gone with a more medium or dark gray trouser and I would have preferred a green or maroon tie instead. Live and learn! Angle makes sleeves look long, apologies.
I fault the lack of a good dimple to my own incompetence this morning it has worked for me in the past, however. This is the only silk/wool tie I have and I noticed the heaviness of the fabric makes it a bit tougher to dimple at times. This is the only SuSu tie I own but I think the width is OK, I wish it was around 3.5 as well though at times. Thanks for the feedback as well Derek, I am going to purchase some new shirts and was considering a linen in white and blue for...
I feel like maybe I made a mistake with the plain white shirt (herringbone weave) and maybe could have played with a blue shade or pencil stripe with a different tie. Either way, I was somewhat inspired by the navy/blue pant discussion a few weeks back, sorry I was unable to capture the color in the fit pic but they are a bright navy blue. Warming up here in MI so tired for a more Spring inspired fit. Have a good day folks.P.S. DerekS love that tie my man. [[SPOILER]]
Wondering if I went a little to far in the shirt/tie/jacket pairing. I wore light grey flannels and brown Strands on the bottom so nothing too fancy there. Re: the earlier subject of the DressedWell forum, I found that I had a few pictures on that thread as well, one was a pretty ghastly photography disaster, one was a jacket that just didn't fit right but was by no means embarrassing, and the other was a blue blazer with a grey wool tie that, although uninspired, did not...
Thanks you very much! Appreciate it.Thoughts and prayers to anyone from Belgium and to our European friends in general.Relatively simple today. Grey, blue, brown.Fit [[SPOILER]]
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