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Measurements please
Happy Sunday everyone (yea, I had to stand on a chair >_>;
Happy friday everyone. I found out I was matched to my number 1 choice for clinical psychology internship. I am very happy! So I wore my favorite color..purple!
Bit casual but since I am wearing a tie....
This made my day. You must have been in the the liberal arts area as the majority of professors at MSU dress like casual friday in Office Space. Nevertheless, I am glad you did not get mugged!Speaking of collegiate, I wanted to play the part of junior professor while I read for my dissertation at the campus library. Haven't worn my cord jacket nearly enough this year. And yeah, a darker grey would have likely been better for more contrast.
I never really wear crewnecks with a sportcoat, that was purely impulsive haha. I prefer cardigans or vnecks though and I agree. I gave up trying to get a good picture today. This was the best I could do. Cardigan is dark brown
I dunno, I really like sweaters w/ a sportcoat. I have always been fond of layered looks, maybe it isn't everyones cup of tea.
From last night. New jacket. Sorry for shitty pictures so I will put the good out of the spoiler beware.(Noticed the string, haha. Sorry.) [[SPOILER]]
^Yep I got mine for like 75% off total. Very nice piece for the money. Sadly, they had nothing like that this year.
Thanks alot for the comments on the sweater guys. It is a Jcrew slim merino crewneck. Yes, the jacket is LEC from last season. It is one of my favorites. I do wish I got a small as I think the waist would be a bit slimmer. Looking for a barbour in a green/olive color for diversity.
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