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For sale is a Howard Yount Royal Blue blazer I picked up last summer from a SF member. It is in good condition and has no tears/stains/rips of any kind. However, there are a few things that need to be mentioned.1) The buttons were replaced by the original owner to caramel brown as opposed to the traditional brass buttons. I kept it like this as I believe they are more pleasing.2) The original owner has the sleeves shortened and there wasn't enough material to lengthen them...
I feel remiss asking for advice when I have been slacking on this thread for some time. However, would it be appropriate to wear this color of a jacket with light tan cotton trousers? In the past I wore it with ivory white/medium gray trousers. I just wanted to switch it up and I actually had to sell most of my summer trousers
I feel the shoes would look better with jeans or something than the chinolinos. A word on sleek shoes, some people dislike them based upon the profile of their foot or, in my case, because sleek shoes are usually too narrow for my wider feet. Just an fyi for those always advocating them. The jacket looks like it fits in the shoulders but is tight in the chest and splaying open at the quarters. Do you happen to have narrow shoulders for your build? I.e. would sizing up in...
Humid, breezy, HOT day in MI today. This is about as casual as I get so decided to post it. Linen shirt, light indigo jeans, canvas sneakers. (Fixed my shirt collar after...)
Unless you like to roll your jean cuffs I think a little bunching at the bottom is preferred, especially in the fit posted above.
For sale are a pair of Rivet chinos I purchased from Epaulet at the end of last summer. I never wore them as the weather got cooler and I stored them away. In the time since, I have lost a bit of weight and have gone down a size or two so I am looking to pass them on.They have never been wore outside of trying them on around the house. No stains or discolorations. There is, however, one small defect that I can repair if you so choose. One of the buttons on the button fly...
Man I am really behind on this thread, my apologies. I have been working on my dissertation and trying (key word: trying) to avoid distractions. i have also mostly been t-shirts and pajama bottoms reading or a hoodie and jeans reading at a coffee shop. So yeah. Interesting day in Michigan, warm but also dreary and kind of cool-ish in the morning. Everything is cotton (shirt has a slubby linen-like texture and is mostly green and pink) and the shoes are new, just some navy...
If there is any confusion there is flecks or orange, emerald, and light blue in the sweater. Colors are pretty true. Enjoy wednesday folks!
^Good point, did not even notice that.
I can appreciate that but to give you some context I work in academia and already get funny looks for wearing a tie at all. The jeans help bring it down a notch and fridays in most academic settings are somewhat casual. I have a pair of light grey flannels that probably would have worked better though so I will concede that point.
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