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Speaking of malford, I would like to thank him for this jacket that is seeing it's first wear of the year. have a good weekend folks! FYI, my first sleeves shrunk a great deal sadly. I need to buy new shirts
Better late than never for today. Last wearings of the summer items coming up, I suspect.
The shoulders look extreme because I think they are just too big in relation to the rest of my body. The jacket was taken in quite a bit and is still rather loose, it is a 42. The 40 I tried was bowing out in the lapels. So yeah, in a tough spot sometimes when it comes to sizing and unfortunately I cannot afford bespoke at this point in my life.
Well thank you, I appreciate that but I still feel like over the years I have still not advanced in my knowledge of proper fit and coordination. Case in point, today, I never really felt the shoulders on any of my jackets fit, especially considering my somewhat odd body shape (I have a wider chest and somewhat narrow shoulders in comparison and a narrow waist, makes for odd sizing).Anyway, thought I would post this, shirt is light blue stripe. I will find a better place to...
Long time no post. I hope everyone is doing well. I have quite a backlog to get through here. I just began my clinical internship so I will be making some new purchases and posting fits again. I lost about 10 pounds (really more getting fitter than losing weight) so I had to get many of my jackets/pants altered. I took what I learned over the years so I am hoping the upcoming year of posts will be more interesting for everyone this time around. Looking forward to being an...
Up for sale is a beautiful suit that just plain doesn't fit me and it makes me very sad. It is a Caruso mainline suit in a lightweight summer fabric in light grey (it has a sharkskin kind of weave but isn't shiny). The armholes are high and the shoulders are soft but have some build to them (i.e. they aren't stiff but there is some structure). It has beautiful smoked mother-of-pearl buttons. Flat front pants, dual vent jacket, 3 roll 2 front. I purchased the suit in...
Evening everyone. GREAT looks on this page, especially Henry Carter, SB, Donuts, and my main Wolverine CP. Wish this tie was a shade or two lighter brown but I thought it would do. Have a good rest of the week everyone, only dress up day for me this week! Shirt herringbone weave, pants are dove grey hopsack.
I think that is just me for better or worse. The shoulders are very naturally sloped and don't overhang my shoulder. I am a 42 chest and 33 waist (not a huge drop) but that may account for it. The sleeves are an optical illusion of the angle, about .5 inch of the shirt sleeves peeks through though they could be a tad shorter I suppose for some tastes.
Good evening everyone. Long time no see (at least a few weeks I think!). Got to wear a suit today for my last lecture of the summer. I forgot the PS and I would have preferred a white shirt in retrospect. Black captoes on the bottom. Can't wait until the fall and I start my fulltime job and can share some of my more recent (and in my opinion, much better fitting) pieces.
Long time no see everyone. Everything is new, as far as I know, to the thread. I love everything about Epaulet jackets aside from the lapels :/ wish there were about an inch bigger. Oh well. Shirt is herringbone pattern, not solid blue. Walnut punch captoe on the bottom. BB shirt BB tie Epaulet Jacket Epaulet hopsack trousers PS Kent Wang Shoes-AE Clifton
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