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Long time no see everyone. Everything is new, as far as I know, to the thread. I love everything about Epaulet jackets aside from the lapels :/ wish there were about an inch bigger. Oh well. Shirt is herringbone pattern, not solid blue. Walnut punch captoe on the bottom. BB shirt BB tie Epaulet Jacket Epaulet hopsack trousers PS Kent Wang Shoes-AE Clifton
All I could think of when you mentioned rogering was this Silver it is...
Who is to say I haven't? No, we did date for a short period but we have remained good friends since and I have known her almost 15 years, which is a long time at my age. I am quite happy for her and I am acting as the usher and greeter at the reception and ceremony so I would like to look the part.
Hey guys, didn't think I would cause this much rattle. Thanks for the feedback! The wedding is semi formal. The groom is in the coast guard and will be military dress but his groomsmen will be wearing glen plaid ties (I was misinformed about the grooms attire). The bride (my best friend) has her bridal party wearing champagne colored dresses so my champagne grenadine is out (I happen to like it with the navy suit I am wearing. I have a black/white houndstooth tie in a...
I really miss posting in this thread, but I have no reason to wear jackets and such until the fall when I start up my internship. Just wanted to say I really like the looks people are posting lately and my recent purchases (which will debut soon) have been honed and distilled from the advice and comments I have received in the past here. No more tight pants, no more jackets that are too tight in the middle etc. Looking forward to being an active member again. In other...
Shirt is too long :/ curse of having a short torso
Casual day when it was sunny out the other day. Enjoy your weekend folks
Thanks for the support, appreciate it. Cardigan is jcrew, Wallace and Barnes line. Very nice cotton cardigan. Weight makes it good for spring color makes it good in the fall too.NYR, I like that look, even the messy collar of the polo(?) underneath.
Cold day here yesterday.Shoes, Rancourt loafers [[SPOILER]]
For sale is a Howard Yount Royal Blue blazer I picked up last summer from a SF member. It is in good condition and has no tears/stains/rips of any kind. However, there are a few things that need to be mentioned.1) The buttons were replaced by the original owner to caramel brown as opposed to the traditional brass buttons. I kept it like this as I believe they are more pleasing.2) The original owner has the sleeves shortened and there wasn't enough material to lengthen them...
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