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I dunno, I really like sweaters w/ a sportcoat. I have always been fond of layered looks, maybe it isn't everyones cup of tea.
From last night. New jacket. Sorry for shitty pictures so I will put the good out of the spoiler beware.(Noticed the string, haha. Sorry.) [[SPOILER]]
^Yep I got mine for like 75% off total. Very nice piece for the money. Sadly, they had nothing like that this year.
Thanks alot for the comments on the sweater guys. It is a Jcrew slim merino crewneck. Yes, the jacket is LEC from last season. It is one of my favorites. I do wish I got a small as I think the waist would be a bit slimmer. Looking for a barbour in a green/olive color for diversity.
If you are referring to a shirt collar I agree 100%. I need to buy some better OCBDs.
Had this sweater combo pull double duty yesterday. Casual during the day, more dressed up in the evening at a nice place to eat. New sportcoat, Boglioli. A little more extended shoulder than I normally get but I am starting to enjoy the look better on me as I believe it balances me out a bit more, though I wouldn't find feedback. Sorry for cruddy pictures. I have no way to take full body snapshots with the cell phone at the moment.w/ outerwear [[SPOILER]] w/...
Ah ok because I have a camel colored sweater that I wanted to wear with a similar shade of pants. Maybe I should go with a dark brown or dark grey instead? I do have a white/off-white lambswool i could also try.
Rambo, question. How would you feel about a camel colored sweater ontop of pants like that? or is it the outerwear connotation of the color coordination that bugs you? Would a darker color be necessary or preferred with pants that are in the orange spectrum?
Some good looks today folks. That bowtie combo is excellent CP. You do wool sweaters so well. Gnatty, I think a darker brown leather would have looked great with this. I think that jacket screams for jeans for contrast but I love the fit and the pants are great. Are they jcrew by chance? Deets if not? El Argentino, great use of a grey sportcoat. I would normally never try to pair a bold plaid like that with a sportcoat but you made this look good. Gives me some ideas....
Looking for a stark or amalgam cardigan in navy. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: