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CP, you look like Larry Brown's much more handsome, dapper, and sane cousin Great fit and great look. HF, I have always loved that sportcoat. I would love one in that fabric. Braddock, Crusty, excellent fits as well. So glad to be back in this thread.
Happy Wednesday everyone. Somewhat cool, dreary, day in Michigan. Went with the likely last use of my more medium weight blazer today as a result. Brown AE strands on the bottom. Have a good one folks! Thanks for all the thumbs and feedback as well. Edit: Added tie/shirt closeup
Afternoon gentleman, fairly dull day today. Jacket is maybe a bit too tight, could loosen it. Weird ripple on the left side of the picture. The suit jacket is unlined, which may be a factor? Have a great one folks.
Maybe so!I do have suede chukkas, so I will try those next time. My tie collection is somewhat limited, but I agree 100%. Looking to get some more ties along these lines for spring/summer wear.Ditto the above comment. I went with what I could but I agree it is somewhat formal.I agree, I prefer a lower buttoning point. I got this from Yoox and it is a boglioli, which in general fits me well and tends to be a bit broader in the lapels.
It has been a long long time since I have posted on here. I miss doing it and I miss the advice/inspiration, so, despite my busy internship schedule. I am going to attempt to post more. This is a new linen/cotton boglioli jacket. It was friday and I am not seeing clients today so I just decided to give it a test run. Going to shape the chest/upper torso a bit (it is completely unstructured) and shorten the sleeves. I am wearing jeans (yes, jeans ) and some brown Rancourt...
Up for sale is a jacket that I purchased on ebay but is a bit too large for me, sadly. It is a Polo Ralph Lauren made in Italy (Corneliani) camel/brown herringbone jacket in a soft, plush fall/winter weight wool. It is almost a flannel but has the look of tweed. Wonderful jacket, soft hand and beautiful fabric. -26The fit is trim but on the bigger side of a 40r (hence why I am selling it). Measurements (in inches) Chest-22 Shoulder-19 Waist-20 Sleeve from...
Apologies, I haven't been able to post much this last week. I was preoccupied (With a new girlfriend, cheers!). So I will just post the last week or so of fits I felt comfortable enough to share. All of my old clothing no longer fits, so I am making so pretty wholesale changes throughout the fall and winter. Sorry for the angles, best I can ekk out with the new full time job.Last monday [[SPOILER]] Last Thursday [[SPOILER]] Last Wednesday [[SPOILER]] Last Friday...
Happy friday folks, first "cold" day here so I decided to try something more fall like.
Thanks for the comments on the jacket yesterday everyone. It is one of my favorites. It, however, does need to be altered as I have lost a touch of weight and it could use some slimming in the upper body and waist area. Thanks! It was 97 in Detroit today. Light colors and light fabrics were in order. Oxford cloth pants, cotton jacket, and I wore navy bucks at the bottom.
Man, I can't top that cute baby picture, congrats! From today, shirt is herringbone, pants dove grey for clarification. Wore split toe bluchers in chocolate brown on the bottom.
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