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I will look into that. Thanks for the advice on cam/better camera phone. I would like to say it is due to expenses but I would rather buy clothing/go to concerts than buy a new camera. Maybe when I start getting paid on internship Rare to get a full length picture from me as I don't feel 100% confident with my full ensemble sometimes but I felt decent about it today. The colors are a bit off, the cardigan is deep burgundy and the jeans are more indigo blue than dark...
Dunno if this is addressed to me but I buy mainline on clearance. Everything I buy is heavily clearanced jcrew or not. I will occasionally buy a regular jcrew item @ full price but I will always try to use a student discount or promotion. I am cheap
^ feel like a broken record but it is jcrew...
Nothing special today. Pic quality was shit, sorry.
Looking to sell this sportcoat and seeing if there is any interest before I get exact measurements and real life pictures. It is a full canvas summer weight sportcoat in a wool/silk blend. Tan herringbone with a tasteful blue deco. It just doesn't fit me right and I would rather replace it for the summer than attempt to alter. I had the collar lowered slightly and the waist taken in but other than that it is like new. Single vent Non functional cuff buttons, easy...
I just wanted to give big thank you to everyone who congratulated me on my internship placement. Also wanted to give a big thumbs up and hurrah to Derek on the child news and SVB on his marriage. I feel like the human element of this forum is what makes it so interesting. These glimpses into the lives, celebrations, and triumphs is so exciting. Best of luck to you all!
It is a very dark blue oxford. I just picked it up this weekend and trying to incorporate it. It seems more like a summer shirt, not sure if it is good for layering in sweaters but wanted to try it out.
^ Yep. It is Jcrew from last year and is not as slim as the model I got this year. Also the collar is a bit larger. However, it is a much softer wool, almost plush/brushed feel, and I prefer it when I just want to be comfortable but still want a sweater that looks nice. I think of it as my wool sweatshirt.
I feel like I am dominating this thread w/o much inspiring things. So. Sorry about that! First time layering a vest...wore burgundy AE wingtips. Untitled by
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