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Another warm sunny day. Another corneliani wool/silk/linen jacket and the same linen trousers (I need more spring/summer weight trous apparently). In retrospect, I was tempted to pair this with a lilac and orange flower print silk with a white shirt, I will try it next time. [[SPOILER]]
First really "hot" day we have had here, so, finally got bust out some linen and silk. Jacket is Corneliani, linen, wool, silk. Pants are linen. Sorry for the fish eye fit pic. Makes the waist seem narrower than it is. [[SPOILER]]
Congratulations on your accomplishment ThinWhiteDuke, as a fellow Ph.D. candidate and soon to be graduate myself, I am very happy for you!
Evening folks. Spoilers have fit pix.Tuesday: [[SPOILER]] Today [[SPOILER]]
Sick of wearing flannel. Linen, silk, hopsack.Full fit [[SPOILER]]
Good point. I have gone up a chest size in the past year which makes many of my older jackets look a tad snug. I am letting out the ones I want to keep as some were taken in. This jacket is a 42 and I think the back needs to be taken in a bit as it is a tad uncomfortable to have so much room in the upper back, but yeah I agree it looks better through the waist.
Still dreary and modest temps in Michigan, so I can't put away the flannel yet... Jacket is a tad loose in the chest.
Went on a bit of a sabbatical. Back to the grind this coming week. Dready Saturday here in Michigan, the sun didn't last sadly.Full fit [[SPOILER]]
^ CP our wednesday jackets are shockingly similar
Andy, beautiful shade on that suit and looks like a wonderful hand to the fabric. Bravo! Spring came here in Michigan and then left...and then came back. I give up so I am just going to keep wearing heavier jackets as long as I can.Close up of fabric [[SPOILER]]
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