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Good friday everyone. Hope you all have a safe, enjoyable weekend. Some snaps from this week, not my best, been trying to expand the color of ties I wear (usually always stick to navy, brown, or green). Not sure how successful I was but, as always, open to feedback.Pictures behind spoiler [[SPOILER]]
Took a few days off work, back to the grind. Will catch up on the thread, but good looks the last few pages, gents. Have a good Wednesday.
I will take this advice for when i try this jacket next time. I do have a nice sky blue, pink, and yellow stripped tie that would go well with a white shirt and this jacket. Thanks for the feedback sir!
Tried not to go overboard with the patterns. Thanks for the feedback regarding the fit from Monday, and I agree Smitty, grey jackets are great for blue/purple windowpanes. [[SPOILER]]
I know the forum as a whole is not a fan of grey jackets, but, I really love this jacket and I like how it looks with off white cotton. It is a scorcher in MI today, enjoy the beginning of your weeks gentlemen! Lighting throws off the colors a bit, apologies. Corneliani, BB, Polo, Incotex, Walnut AE strands on the bottom.
Dreary day in Michigan, tried to stay bright.
Andy, I agree about the jacket sadly. I will still wear it but I was not happy with the fit and it is an older piece I had altered. Oh well. Live and learn. This is one from last week I forgot to post. Also, I have 2 pairs of these light grey linen trousers so that is why they show up so much. Been too hot to wear anything to work besides them :/ BB jacket, shirt, polo tie, Howard Yount trous. Also, the angle at which I can take the robo poses makes the jacket seem shorter...
Bit of a rough week for me with an illness so apologies for not posting or checking in. I took the advice of several posters here and intentionally went without much suppression on this jacket. Trying to find a balance is tough for me but I think this looks like a happy medium. I was a little conservative with my tie color choice as well as the shirt because the jacket is so vibrant, even more so in person. I think it would let better with a contrasting color tie, however,...
Some work on a Saturday. Have a good weekend folks (need to catch up on the thread!) [[SPOILER]]
Thank you so very much for all the thumbs earlier this week much appreciated. This jacket needs to be let out a bit, but, i enjoyed the colors for a sunny, humid Friday. Enjoy your holiday weekend friends fellow Americans. [[SPOILER]]
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