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Up for sale is a jacket that I purchased on ebay but is a bit too large for me, sadly. It is a Polo Ralph Lauren made in Italy (Corneliani) camel/brown herringbone jacket in a soft, plush fall/winter weight wool. It is almost a flannel but has the look of tweed. Wonderful jacket, soft hand and beautiful fabric. -26The fit is trim but on the bigger side of a 40r (hence why I am selling it). Measurements (in inches) Chest-22 Shoulder-19 Waist-20 Sleeve from...
Apologies, I haven't been able to post much this last week. I was preoccupied (With a new girlfriend, cheers!). So I will just post the last week or so of fits I felt comfortable enough to share. All of my old clothing no longer fits, so I am making so pretty wholesale changes throughout the fall and winter. Sorry for the angles, best I can ekk out with the new full time job.Last monday [[SPOILER]] Last Thursday [[SPOILER]] Last Wednesday [[SPOILER]] Last Friday...
Happy friday folks, first "cold" day here so I decided to try something more fall like.
Thanks for the comments on the jacket yesterday everyone. It is one of my favorites. It, however, does need to be altered as I have lost a touch of weight and it could use some slimming in the upper body and waist area. Thanks! It was 97 in Detroit today. Light colors and light fabrics were in order. Oxford cloth pants, cotton jacket, and I wore navy bucks at the bottom.
Man, I can't top that cute baby picture, congrats! From today, shirt is herringbone, pants dove grey for clarification. Wore split toe bluchers in chocolate brown on the bottom.
Speaking of malford, I would like to thank him for this jacket that is seeing it's first wear of the year. have a good weekend folks! FYI, my first sleeves shrunk a great deal sadly. I need to buy new shirts
Better late than never for today. Last wearings of the summer items coming up, I suspect.
The shoulders look extreme because I think they are just too big in relation to the rest of my body. The jacket was taken in quite a bit and is still rather loose, it is a 42. The 40 I tried was bowing out in the lapels. So yeah, in a tough spot sometimes when it comes to sizing and unfortunately I cannot afford bespoke at this point in my life.
Well thank you, I appreciate that but I still feel like over the years I have still not advanced in my knowledge of proper fit and coordination. Case in point, today, I never really felt the shoulders on any of my jackets fit, especially considering my somewhat odd body shape (I have a wider chest and somewhat narrow shoulders in comparison and a narrow waist, makes for odd sizing).Anyway, thought I would post this, shirt is light blue stripe. I will find a better place to...
Long time no post. I hope everyone is doing well. I have quite a backlog to get through here. I just began my clinical internship so I will be making some new purchases and posting fits again. I lost about 10 pounds (really more getting fitter than losing weight) so I had to get many of my jackets/pants altered. I took what I learned over the years so I am hoping the upcoming year of posts will be more interesting for everyone this time around. Looking forward to being an...
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