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I'm planning a second MTM order and would appreciate your thoughts on the first attempt (the trousers look especially odd to my eye). Presented with thanks and without further comment: (Slightly higher res album)
So what the hell is going on with my boots: Buffing only makes it shinier. I've contacted Red Wing customer service and the retailer. They have no idea/haven't replied.
Do any of the DJs in WA stock Loakes (or any other decent stuff, for that matter)? I've heard the one in Claremont's quite big, but I wouldn't expect it to be any better than the barren flagship in the city.
I submit for your consideration attempt #1 at a hand rolled edge. Cotton. White.Closeup in the spoiler. Attempt #2 in the background. [[SPOILER]]
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose Good sketches! It really depends on what the suit will be used for. The one on the left is more classic - Brooks Brothers, if you will. The right is more modern. I like both equally. I'd drop the gorge a teensy bit for the right picture though. As for cutaway collar, it depends on your facial shape. If you have a long angular face (e.g. lyle lovett), then a cutaway collar is fantastic. Thanks for your...
I've decided the MTM suit I had made up just looks awkward, so I'm planning changes. Original is on the left. On the right, I've lowered the button stance, opened the quarters and softened the shoulder. Is that better? What else needs doing? Oh, and I also gave myself a cutaway collar, which I'm undecided about.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang The 3" green grenadine will be available in mid to late July. Navy 3" should be back in about a week or two. Great news all around; thanks!
A few pages back, someone asked about a 3" grenadine in the green and FWIW, this is something I would buy immediately if it were to be stocked. Also, can we still expect a navy 3" restock in the coming days?
Quote: Originally Posted by polarcreamsoda i go to architecture school so i use my knife almost everyday. Wow, you must go to a pretty rough architecture school.
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh I just tried on my 1" dress belt with my new pair of slim fit chinos/khakis and it looks strange. Does anyone have any pictures of themselves wearing a 1" dress belt with a pair of pants? 1" dress belt from LGC, black, to assuage/confirm your fears (31.5" waist): bonus shot with jacket (Yes, I know the belt is an inch or two too long.)
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