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When you live here long enough, you'll get used to the weather. And be smart, only walk in Air- Conditioned places and only go out around 3pm.Even the ladies carry a umbrella to avoid the sun in mid-day.
Just wondering, I've been thinking about it that this whole QE thing may eventually lead to a stock market bubble. My rationale is that since the stock market right now is at an all time high due to news of the Fed postponing tapering. The action of postponing the tapering shows that the economy is at the very least, not improving as much as they had hope. Thus the prices of stocks are rising exponentially while the fundamental growth of the economy is not growing as...
Yessir. I tried one SNZ on before. I don't know how big your wrists are, but I've got pretty average sized wrists. It sits alright. IMO, it doesn't look weird compared to a watch that is truly 42mm as it is that size due to the bezel. Otherwise, the face itself is pretty small. You really should give it a shot. If you have a SKX, it's exactly the same size.
Would you believe it, I was on ebay last night just looking at those watches. I'm waiting on dagaz to re-stock the dials shown above because, those give a more vintage feel than the newer numbered dials. I'm thinking of getting one as a gift for myself when I get into the army next year (mandatory 2 year stint in my country).
Just caught most of Vice series on HBO. Really good series with a couple of interesting topics. Also, most segments last for 15 mins, so for those who don't like to sit through 2 hours of documentary, its really good. And the hosts are really good too. Gets right into the action and takes part in the activities.
Reason why he is where he is now. Any self appreciating hip hop head has to watch this.
The most heinous crime of a cheap watch is a fake chronograph with hands glued on. That is just a major no-no. Take a look at other chinese brands like Parnis or Seagull. They have a few pretty similar ones that are automatic.I have a classmate wearing the exact same one from Fossil. Looks cheap and the font printing are quite ugly to me in real life.
Yes it is. It has the same movement as the Parnis Portuguese, which isn't exactly a chronograph movement.
Got my first Marina Militare after eyeing being put off by the quartz one for being a quartz. They finally released an automatic one. However, the chronograph don't seem to work. Or that I don't know how to operate it since it's my first chronograph. Any help?
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